Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Moving and Hauling: The Essential Buddytruk Guide

At Buddytruk, we’re the guys and girls who’ve moved more times than we thought was humanly possible – we get how difficult the entire moving and hauling process is. Bugging your friends to help move your stuff can reduce a friendship to rubble in seconds, professional moving services will break the bank, and renting a U-Haul is the second most stressful thing on Earth, next to taxes. To help ease your pain, we’ve compiled the Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Moving and Hauling: The Essential Buddytruk Guide! Not only do we have the essential tips and tricks, but we have all the awesome stock photos that list-builders love.

5. Get Organized

organizing boxes is fun with buddyTruk
Nothing says “organizing boxes is oh-so-fun!” like a stock photo.

Seriously though – this is where it all starts. Get some caffeine, grab some big boxes, pack like with like, label all of your fragile items appropriately, and don’t be afraid to go Sharpie-crazy on your boxes, detailing as much as possible.

As time consuming as it may sound, staying organized and keeping a detailed inventory of your stuff will make your move-in day that much simpler. And wear lifter’s gloves, it’ll keep those pesky cardboard paper cuts at bay.

4. Have a Plan

Planning serious moving hauling
These folks are clearly strategizing their next move into the suburbs… or a financial takeover.

First off, your plan should be to get organized and then use the Buddytruk app for your move or haul. Secondarily, it’s important to know the parking situation at your new abode, where you can load and unload, and what time NOT to move. There’s nothing worse than moving downtown and then spending the next eight hours sitting in traffic. Been there, done that.

In order to avoid any confusion, make sure you also have a contact at your new place, whether it’s a landlord, manager or a new neighbor. Although your landlord should be well aware of your move-in date, having them on speed dial will give you peace of mind on one of the more stressful days of your life – and they might even offer a helping hand, too.

3. Condense and Donate

donating clothes and being happy
You would be this happy too if you got rid of your clutter and made some cash in the process.

Remember all those old t-shirts, torn jeans, and blankets from your ol’ college days taking up space in your closet? Right. Now’s the time to get rid of that clutter.

Separate what you want in your new place from what can be donated, take it over to the Goodwill (or a buy-back retailer if you want to get some cash back), and thank me for your newfound life without clutter and the old junk you’ll never use again.

As someone who’s prone to sentimentality and nostalgia – and has a hard time giving away my old stuff – just take a picture of the sentimental stuff if you’re having trouble getting rid of it. Or just coax mom and dad into holding onto it for you.

2. Don’t Bug Your Friends to Help you Move – Bug them to Take Care of your Pet 

Happy dog
Your friend will like you a whole lot more if you ask them to hold onto your puppy for a day rather than bug them to move all your stuff.

Usually the first action done when planning a move or haul is calling your friend Hank and begging him to help you move your stuff on a Saturday morning. Obviously, Hank would much rather be sleeping in or watching cartoons, and unless Hank is your bestie, asking him to move your stuff can be a burden and can definitely hurt a friendship.

Instead, do something that’s both beneficial for you and Hank – ask him to take care of your pet in your time of relocation. Not only will your dog/cat/goldfish/hamster/amoeba be much happier being with a familiar face, but it’s a task that your friend will enjoy much more than helping you stack boxes.

1. Move with Buddytruk

Moving is better with a buddy
Take the hassle out of moving with Buddyruk!

Want to know the real top trick for moving and hauling? Make the whole experience easier on you, your wallet, and your stress levels by moving with Buddytruk.

Sure it sounds like a shameless plug for our awesome startup – but we connect you with a local driver to offer a helping hand and move your stuff for you, all for a fraction of the cost of using a professional moving service. You’ll save your time, your money, and you’ll be paying a driver from your community, not a huge corporation. Not only do our drivers go through both a DMV and a criminal background check, but our service is covered under a $1,000,000 insurance policy. You’ll move when you want with the peace of mind of having a helping hand.

Look out for us on your iPhone (really, really soon) and Android (soon)!

CJ Johnson

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