Top 10 Reasons Why Austin Is Awesome

Buddytruk has officially launched in Austin, Texas! We’re often asked why we chose Austin to be our second location vs. San Fransisco or another major city in the nation. Well, the answer was a no-brainer for us. One of our co-founders is from Austin and we found that Austin was one of the best fits for Buddytruk. There is a magic spark to the city of Austin that we couldn’t get enough of. So, we decided to put together a list of the “Top 10 Reasons Why Austin Is Awesome” so you can discover how amazing this city is.

1. The food is f#@*ing amazing

Popular hot spot, Lamberts serves some of the best BBQ in Austin, Texas. Photo by CJ Johnson.

Austin, Texas. A place where the BBQ is so good some places don’t have closing hours, they just run out food. Voted as the #1 city for BBQ by Thrillist and countless lists. Whenever you talk about BBQ, Austin Texas is always in the conversation. But, it isn’t just BBQ, Austin has fantastic food everywhere. Trust me… we ate everywhere… and often.

Franklin's Barbeque in Austin Texas
Franklin’s BBQ. A place that’s so good it closes when it runs out food. Photo by CJ Johnson.

2. Austinites are friendly

buddytruk-austin texas
#TeamBuddytruk chats with some locals in Austin, Texas. Photo by CJ Johnson.

Everywhere we go people are smiling. Everyone we meet always has something nice to say. It’s a tough task to not be enamored by the people of Austin. They’re flat out terrific! It’s a fantastic opportunity for Buddytruk to get to know them better. Forbes named it as one of the “America’s Coolest Cities”. In 2014, Nerd Wallet named Austin one of the friendliest cities in America for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. Austin is a diverse place that embraces so many differences and cultures.

Buddytruk-Austin Texas
#TeamBuddytruk has dinner with some locals to talk about the city. Photo by CJ Johnson.

3. The economy is booming

Austin, Texas has a growing economy that is consistently labeled as a great place for job-seekers. Photo by CJ Johnson.

According to Forbes, Austin, Texas is consistently listed as one of the best cities for jobs and scores highly in other demographics rankings. It is the third-fastest-growing city in the nation, attracting large numbers of college grads, immigrants, and families with young children. Austin is growing and it’s growing at such a fast pace that everyone is taking notice. Austin is becoming a mecca for business, job seekers, and innovators. With Buddytruk, one of our main goals is to continue to help with Austin’s growth by providing job-seekers an opportunity to join #TeamBuddytruk.

Austin is the third-fastest-growing city in the nation. Photo by CJ Johnson.

4. It’s a healthy place to live

The American College of Sports Medicine named Austin the #1 fittest city in Texas. Photo by CJ Johnson.

One of the great things about Austin that doesn’t get talked about enough is how healthy of a place it is.  Austin has also be labeled as the “least stressful city to live in” and an “energetic city”. The relaxed vibe of the city is contagious. Austin has made the top 10 lists of fittest places to live numerous times. Even The American College of Sports Medicine named Austin the #1 fittest city in Texas.

buddytruk-austin texas
Austin, Texas is a city known for its energy and liveliness. Photo by CJ Johnson.

5. It’s Silicon Valley 2.0

The Capital Factory in Austin, Texas has become a hot spot for tech entrepreneurs. Photo by CJ Johnson.

Payscale.com ranked Austin the #2 “Hotspot City for Tech Start ups”. It’s no wonder Austin has been such a fantastic place for the tech community. With places like We Work, Capital Factory, and more, it makes perfect sense for so many tech start ups to expand to Austin. Buddytruk chose to set up shop at the Capital Factory. It’s a terrific spot with a community of entrepreneurs, and all-around awesome spot overlooking the city.

Payscale.com ranked Austin the #2 “Hotspot City for Tech Start ups”. Photo by CJ Johnson.

6. The Art Scene

“I love you so much” has become a fast-growing Austin landmark since it first appeared. Photo by CJ Johnson.

With Oscar nominated filmmakers like Richard Linklater who created the Austin Film Society and blockbuster filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez (who has his Troublemaker Studios based in Austin, Texas) it’s hard not to notice the role the city places in the arts. MovieMaker Magazine once ranked Austin #1 one their list of “Best Cities in the U.S. to Live, Work, and Make Movies”. But, it isn’t just films. Austin also has a growing art scene and becoming more of a breeding ground for creative minds.

There are so many amazing places to film in Austin, no wonder it’s just a great place for filmmakers. Photo by CJ Johnson.

7. The Music Scene

Austin Texas-6th street-buddytruk
6th Street is known to be hot destination for music goers. Photo by CJ Johnson.

It’s no wonder that Austin, Texas is also dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World” because it has more live music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation. According to Wikipedia, the music of Austin has gone beyond 6th Street and now includes other areas such as Red River, the University of Texas, the Warehouse District and Downtown, South Lamar, South Austin, East Austin and the Market District where bars and clubs of every kind can be found. Every night over one hundred venues stage live music. In other words, music pops off in ATX.

aaron stephens
Aaron Stephens performs during #SpringBreakATX. Photo from the Aaroun Stephens Facebook Page.


6th street-austin
When SXSW comes to town it is LIVE. Photo by CJ Johnson.

When it comes to Austin, Texas you can’t mention how amazing it is without mentioning SXSW. Even though some Austinites would prefer to split town when the party atmosphere of SXSW takes over the city, everyone can agree events like SXSW help boost the city’s profile. People from all of the world travel to Austin for SXSW. It’s a fantastic place for new ideas, music, films, and more. SXSW is one of the best “go to events” around and it’s located in one of the coolest cities in the nation.

Austin texas-6th street-buddytruk
There are plenty of parties to check out during SXSW.

9. Great place to raise a family

There is a little bit of something for everyone in Austin, Texas.

In addition to the booming economy and culture, Austin is also one of the Top 5 safe cities to raise a family in. The educational school system is top notch and Austin is home to one of the most successful universities in the nation, The University of Texas.

university of texas - buddytruk - cj johnson
The University of Texas is one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. Photo by CJ Johnson.

10. Beautiful scenery

The 360 Bridge in Austin, Texas. Photo by CJ Johnson.

The Enchanted Rock State Park, Barton Creek, the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines… those are just a few places people love to see when they visit Austin. Listed as one of the “greenest cities” in the nation, Austin is known for it’s natural beauty. As the city landscape changes and evolves, Austin is becoming even more of a beautiful place to enjoy.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum. Photo by CJ Johnson.
The Bullock Texas State History Museum. Photo by CJ Johnson.


Austin, Texas is a wonderful place that we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of. We’re excited to continue the already established culture of Austin and make everyone’s life a little easier by providing our service. We’re down to get weird with you, Austin.

CJ Johnson

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