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Tips for Getting the Most Moving Help from Buddytruk

Gone are the days where you have to so tirelessly plan how you’ll transport your largest items, pester your friends for assistance, and shell out a ton of dough you’ll never see again to rent a moving truck for a day. Now, Buddytruk is here to provide moving assistance ON DEMAND. It’s as simple as downloading the app, snapping a picture of what you need moved, and waiting for your Buddytruk Driver to arrive! If that weren’t enough, we put together a few helpful tips to get the most out of your moving help from Buddytruk:

1. Pack before your buddy gets there: Although Buddytruk Drivers can help you pack your items, Buddytruk Drivers do not carry any packing supplies with them. Also, the cost of your Buddytruk trip fare will increase with the length of time it takes. To get the most out of your Buddytruk experience and save time/money, we suggest you be all packed and ready before your Buddytruk Driver arrives.

2. If you order a car for someone else, let the driver know: Our Buddytruk Drivers expect to find you at their destination and may hesitate before helping your friend if not told otherwise. Use the option on the app to call your driver ahead of time to let them know. Also, don’t forget that any ride you order on your app will be charged to the credit card registered with the account. Only use this option if you’re feeling extra nice!

3. Transport yourself, pets, and others: After your Buddytruk Driver is finished loading your items, you may feel inclined to join them on the ride; however, you are encouraged to drive yourself, pets, or anyone else in your party. Buddytruk’s insurance is only geared to cover the hauling and moving of your heavy items, not yourself. Only the driver’s personal insurance could cover a driver. Ride sharing is not a service that Buddytruk provides and actually breaches your agreement with Buddytruk.

4. Wait to tip: After your moving/ delivery is all done, you’ll probably be eager to show your Buddytruk Driver some extra appreciation. Thankfully, our app gives you to option to add a tip at the end of your transaction. Because we really appreciate our drivers here at Buddytruk, they will receive 100% of your tip.

Well, there you have it! If you have any more questions about Buddytruk, check out our help page or feel free to contact Buddytruk here.

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