Holiday Decorations

Tips for Holiday Decorations, Set Up and Break Down

It’s the holiday season and your Buddies at Buddytruk are here to help every step of the way. We’ve put together some helpful tips to keep your holidays fun, simple, and stress-free- from setting up the fun to cleaning it all up in the end.

Setting It Up:

Pick a color theme: If you’re looking to make your holiday decorations this year look clean and professional, start by choosing a few colors that work together to base your decor on. Clean looks can include silver and blue, gold and red, or green and white. This will make everything you add to your tree, tableware, and home in general look more organized and thought-out.

Have Buddytruk deliver a Christmas tree starting at $4: If your celebration includes a live tree, don’t waste your energies trying to strap it to the top of your sedan or waste your money on a rental truck just to bring your tree home. Buy your tree from Whole Foods, use the coupon code “WF25” on your Buddytruk app, and you can head straight home! A Buddy will meet you at your home and help you set your tree up! Don’t forget your tree stand, so when it arrives it has a place to go.

Spreading out the sparkle in your tree: When you’re putting your lights on your tree (before you put your ornaments or garland on) you’ll want to not only string them from the bottom up, but also from the inside out. Try to keep to 100 mini lights per feet of tree (500 mini lights for a 5’ tree). Having many lights, spread throughout, will not only make your tree sparkle more, but it will also defend from ornaments or other decor blocking them out completely.

Use extra ornaments creatively: If you have extra bulb ornaments on hand, there are several other ways to spruce up your living space. Extra ornaments can be put in bowls or clear vases to be used as centerpieces. Similarly-colored ornaments can also be strung together as a wreath on their own. Other ornaments can even be put into the pots of plants as creative pop of color to an otherwise ordinary part of your home.

Bring the snow inside: Whether or not you live in a place where snow is natural, you can easily and creatively bring it into your decor. Use items like sugar, coarse salt, glitter, and white paint in jars, glasses, or on glued ornaments to add a bit of frost to your holiday decor.

Breaking it Down:

Use regular household items to help: When breaking down the delicate items, it’s important to make sure they’re prepared to withstand regular off-season wear-and-tear. Thankfully you have many items in your house already that can be used to keep things together. Try putting beaded garland in an empty water bottle to keep them from tangling. To keep lights from tangling, try wrapping them around a wire hanger. For larger, outside lights, try wrapping them in an yard hose reel. Smaller ornaments can fit into larger egg cartons to keep them from cracking or scratching.

Sweep up pine needles before vacuuming them: If you go to Whole Foods and decide to get the beautiful, real tree this year, then you also have to think of the cleaning process. Especially during take down, pine trees tend to shed a lot. It can be difficult to get all of the needles up at once, but it’s important to try your best to sweep needles up before trying to vacuum them up. Pine needles are not good for your vacuum. Do your best with the broom first.

Donate!: The new year is a time for clearing out space and making resolutions. Cleaning up after the holidays is the perfect time to begin! If you’ve received a replacement to kitchen appliance, gadget, or bag, before you unnecessarily save or toss the old item, try to see if the item can be donated. Even ornaments can be donated to retirement homes, veteran’s facilities, or hospitals. This way, you can spread the holiday cheer even after the holidays and into holidays to come.

Consider a Storage Unit: As your home, creativity, and traditions continue to grow, so does the number of boxed up decorations at the end of the holiday season. While some have the luxury of storage in the home, many of us living in the city find ourselves strapped for space. With the year so long and the holiday season so short, it’s worth it to consider a second home for your decorations. For a great, reliable storage unit company, try checking out U.S. Storage. If you’re looking for something different, try using Sparefoot, an online booking site for storage units.

Recycle your tree!: After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the frills of a real evergreen, you still look forward to the burden of cleaning it up. Thankfully, Buddytruk is here once again to help make this step the easiest of them all! There’s no need to put anything to waste or strain yourself. Simply request a Buddy and we will be there to help wisk it away and take it to the nearest recycling facility. Look forward to our social media for another wonderful coupon code from us to get our help for even cheaper.

Don’t forget that you can get moving help from Buddytruk for any other holiday delivery service you may need. From bringing big gifts home to bringing the yard decorations back to the storage unit, Buddytruk is here to help.

Have any other tips for decoration set up or break down? Please share in the comments below. Happy Holidays!

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