zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

The LA Tech Happy Hour Scene

Last week, some members of #TeamBuddytruk attended an L.A. Tech Happy Hour event at Zefr. The L.A. Tech Happy Hour is an awesome meetup group called L.A. Tech Happy Hour. In case you never heard of it, it’s a fantastic way to meet other entrepreneurs, developers, businesses, and all around everyone who is invested into the growing tech scene. The group consists of over 5,000 members.


For this particular event, Zefr played the host in Venice, California. There was live music, free food, drinks, and more. Buddytruk Co-Founder, Tim Kolneut, myself, and actor, Andre Boyer who plays “Our Awesome Buddytruk Driver” attended. The landscape of the tech and business world is evolving quickly. With the Buddytruk home base located in Silicon Beach, we have front row tickets to this booming industry. So, I’d like to share a few things I learned from this event.

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

1. The Golden Age of The Developer.

There were two types of people we kept running into at this party. Developers and Recruiters. Developers were in high demand at the party. The developers I spoke were very well aware of this and were more than thrilled to be sought after. Then there were the Recruiters who were seeking out developers and anyone else that could help them get a leg up on the competition.

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

2. Is there a tech scene growing in Orange County?

I noticed a large presence of entrepreneurs from Orange County. For those of you located outside of the great state of California that aren’t familiar with Orange County, it’s south of Los Angeles. It also isn’t a place particularly known for progressive or innovative ideas. So, there was more than a few head scratching going on with the whispers of there being a growing tech scene down there. Just from speaking to some of my fellow entrepreneurs, not too many of them are terribly excited about it. Anyway, I must have talked to over a dozen people that made the trek up to Los Angeles to attend the event. There’s a growing excitement brewing down there and it’s something worth keeping an eye on.

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

3. The L.A. Tech Scene is for real.

The turnout at Zefr was huge. It took about twenty minutes into the party for the whole place to swell up with people. The place was buzzing with excitement.We talked to so many entrepreneurs from all around the world. Some with apps. Some with accelerators. Some with deep pockets looking for the next big thing. But, everyone had one thing in common… we’re all thrilled to be a part of something that is continuing to grow in a very special way. There were more than a few people who pulled me aside and told me this was one of the bigger events they have attended in Silicon Beach. It’s worth noting that these events are getting larger and producing more turnouts. L.A. is buzzing with more innovation than it has in a very long time.

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour-andreboyer

zefr-buddytruk-la tech happy hour

Overall, this was a fun event! If you’re in Los Angeles, you should attend one of the L.A. Tech Happy Hour events. It’s a great way to network, find potential job opportunities, and discuss great ideas with your fellow entrepreneurs.

How do you feel about the growing L.A. Tech scene?


CJ Johnson

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