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The Buddytruk Weekly Top 8 – Scion Motivate, Entrepreneur Tips, and more.

Buddytruk closed out April still blazing ahead from a busy month! We have so much to be excited about and we can’t wait to keep spreading the good word in months to come. So, in this Top 8, there is a lot of Buddytruk news to report! We have been busy  and there is a lot to share! So, let’s dive into our Top 8 of the week!

1. Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley speaks at the Scion Motivatour event.

Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley, and #TeamBuddytruk were in full force at the Scion Motivatour Event where Brian spoke to audiences about “following your gut”. The event was stacked with thousands of guests and featured other prominent speakers. Find out more about Motivatour here and see our photo scrapbook on Facebook. This event was filmed so, we’ll have a video of Brian’s speech to share with you soon.

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2. Buddytruk listed as one of the “5 LA based on demand startups making your life easier.”

Tess McLean of Built in LA listed 5 awesome on-demand startups making your life easier and Buddytruk made the cut! There were some familiar and awesome startups also on the list. Check it out!

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3. Buddytruk CTO, Ryan Salmons explains why it’s better to build an app for iOS first.

Buddytruk CTO, Ryan Salmons was chosen on the list of “25 Mobile Developers Share Which Platform They Build for First“. Ryan is the man who built Buddytruk so if anyone would be an expert on the app building subject it would be him. As he puts it, “There were a number of factors that led to developing iOS first. iOS users tend to be a younger and more affluent user base with higher expectations on app performance. We felt that this would be a good gauge for building a quality product that early adopters would approve of. In terms of development, Apple has strict development requirements to ensure that you are pushing a sound mobile application.” Check out the rest of what Ryan had to say and see the full list here.


4. That time Buddytruk sponsored the GQ x Jam in The Van epic SXSW after party in ATX.

Did you see one of our awesome blog from earlier this week??? We partnered up with the good ‘ol folks of Jam In The Van for their GQ x Jam In The Van SXSW After Party event. We have some awesome photos to showcase from the event. Notable celebrity talent attendees included Cody Simpson, model Gigi Hadid, Plain White T’s, and superstar DJ A-Trak.

plain white ts

5. Buddytruk mentioned as one of the trendsetters in the Silicon Beach movement.

Social Media Week wrote this topical piece, “The 3 Sizzling Stats to consider about Silicon Beach” and mentioned Buddytruk. So, we of course had to share! According to the site, L.A. is just behind San Francisco in entrepreneurs per capita in major metropolitan areas, according to the Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. The city claimed 490 entrepreneurs per 100,000 people, just behind San Francisco’s 570 per 100,000, but leading New York’s 320 per 100,000.

silicon beach-buddytruk

6. 3 Things to Do If You Want to Become a CEO by Age 30

Visier CEO and Entrepreneur Guest Contributor wrote an interesting piece on Entrepreneur, “3 Things to Do If You Want to Become a CEO by Age 30“. You might recognize a familiar face in the article…

7. Buddytruk chosen as one of the 41 Startups To Share How They Motivate Their Teams.

In the article, “41 Startups To Share How They Motivate Their Teams“, Tech.Co explores the question we all ask ourselves, “What motivates you?” Well, we had our own CEO and Founder, Brian Foley provide some insight into what he does to keep his team motivated and how he did it by “making team decisions on metrics”. Check it out and get some insight into how other startups are motivating their teams.


8. Buddytruk’s CJ Johnson speaks at Spring 2015 NGV event.

Buddytruk Head of Creative and Marketing, CJ Johnson spoke at the Spring 2015 NGV (NextGenVest) Global Summit where he spoke about developing marketing skills and following your dreams. NGV is a global organization that teaches young adults how to manage their money to be better prepared for the future.

buddytruk-cj johnson-next gen

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Join us next week and be sure to leave us comments, questions, etc! We want to hear from you!

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