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The Buddytruk Weekly Top 8 – Earth Day, TJ Miller, Johnny Pickup and more!

Welcome to another week of the Buddytruk Top 8! On this week’s list, we have HBO’s “Silicon Valley” star, T.J. Miller digs Buddytruk, Earth Day, a blogger named Johnny Pickup analyzes Buddytruk, and more! It was a fun week with much to talk about. Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. HBO’s “Silicon Valley” star shouts out Buddytruk!

The hilarious star of HBO’s “Silicon Valley“, T.J. Miller gave Buddytruk a shoutout on Twitter. We’re all huge fans of the show and it’s (99.9% accurate portrayal) of the tech scene. How about that celebrity endorsement, ya’ll?
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2. Buddytruk celebrates #EarthDay.

Last weekend, #TeamBuddytruk hit the beaches in Santa Monica, California for the annual beach cleanup in celebration of the approaching Earth Day! We teamed up with Heal The Bay in efforts to keep our beaches clean. We’re glad there is something like “Earth Day” where can all come together and celebrate mother nature and see what we can do to save our planet. One of the coolest perks about using Buddytruk is that when you use our service, not only are you saving money on gas, you’re also helping keep more vehicles off the road. We want to make sure our planet is clean, habitable, and all-around awesome for everyone!


3. Find out where the name “Buddytruk came from in “21 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name.

Have you ever wondered how Brian Foley came up with the idea for Buddytruk? How about why isn’t there a “c” in “Buddytruk”? Oh yes. We spelled it “Buddytruk” on purpose! BOOM! Well, the Buddytruk Founder reveals all in the CEO Blog Nation article, “21 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name“. Discover the truth behind “Buddytruk”…

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4. Johnny Pickup blogs about Buddytruk.

So, there is this fellow named Johnny Pickup and as he so eloquently states in his blog… “They call me Johnny Pickup for obvious reasons — my name’s Johnny and I drive a pickup truck. And this Web site is about just that, a guy and his pickup.” Johnny spotted Buddytruk and provided a well thought out analysis on Buddytruk. I highly recommend you check it out.

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5. Coding VC mentions Buddytruk as a better way to move!

Coding VC is another awesome website that discusses startups and startup investing from the perspective of a software engineer turned VC. It’s incredibly insightful and site creator, Leo Polovets really knows his stuff. In a special post, he writes about his not so fun experiences moving and lists Buddytruk as an awesome choice to help you move. How awesome is that? Read more here at Coding VC.


6. Xiaomi wants to design phones for everyone.

I spotted this interesting article on Wired discussing Xiamoi (phone manufacturer) and it’s mission to design phones for everyone. It offers a really cool perspective into the world of phone manufacturing and how slavish their work schedule can be. Xiaomi is the third-largest phone manufacturer in the world, behind only Samsung and Apple, and the most popular in China. The company is reportedly valued at $45 billion, making it the most valuable tech startup in the world (At $40 billion, Uber is number two).


7. The 10th Anniversary of first YouTube video.

On Thursday, YouTube celebrated the 10th anniversary of “Me at the zoo,” the first video ever uploaded to YouTube. Hold on a second… YouTube has been around for 10 freaking years?!? WOW. It just hit me. I suddenly feel old… but anyway… this video was first posted on April 23, 2005 by Jawed Karim, who founded the company with Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Well… you know the rest of the story…

8. Fast Co.’s “Free App Friday”

Fast Company rolls out a weekly “Free App Friday” where the author presents some free awesome apps available for download. It’s pretty cool and on this week’s list, Fast Co. features “5 Tools That Will Spark Your Creativity”. Since it is “Free App Friday”, might I suggest you download the free app that everyone is talking about… BUDDYTRUK. 😉

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Join us next week and be sure to leave us comments, questions, etc! We want to hear from you!

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