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The Buddytruk Weekly Top 8 – ATX, Heal The Bay, and more!

In this week’s Top 8, we have some major Buddytruk news to share! Since our last “Top 8″ it’s been a wild ride for #TeamBuddytruk! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! So, let’s get down to it!

1. Buddytruk Officially Launches in Austin, Texas!

Finally… Buddytruk is officially available in Austin, Texas! You don’t know how great of a feeling it is to finally launch in our second major city. It was both nerve racking and thrilling to see how Buddytruk is evolving. We obviously had to kick things off by throwing the mother of all launch parties! Our launch party was at the Bungalow on Rainey Street. We had free drinks, live music, and free Buddytruk swag! It was a whole lot of fun! Special shoutout to our family, friends, The Bungalow, Aaron Stephens Band, Cassie Nichole, and the city of Austin for being so wonderful to us. Read more about our launch party and see out photos here.

2. Buddytruk in the Austin Business Journal

The ABJ welcomed #TeamBuddytruk to Austin, Texas. Read about it here. This article was written before we landed in Austin. We actually ended up surpassing the expectations in this article. We’re thrilled to have so many people sign up to be Buddytruk Drivers in Austin and the warm reception from Austinites.


3. Top 10 Reasons Why Austin is Awesome

Listen, Austin, Texas is an amazing place that has waaaaaayyyyy too many reasons why it’s such a great city. But, we managed to put together this list of the “Top 10 Reasons Why Austin Is Awesome” so you can discover how amazing this city is for yourself.


4. Buddytruk delivers to Totally Kids

Because we missed last week’s roundup I didn’t get a chance to share a special event Buddytruk participated in. Over the Easter weekend, #‎TeamBuddytruk delivered stuffed animals to the Totally Kids children’s hospital. Totally Kids is a non-profit hospital center for disabled children. Everyone at Buddytruk is so proud to be a part of this event and to help bring so much joy to the little ones. Check out our special blog post to read more about it. We even got mentioned in the West Journal about our efforts!

5. Our Buddytruk Madness Winner!

March Madness is finally over and so is our Buddytruk Madness Photo Contest! #TeamBuddytruk would like to give a Special Congratulations to our Buddytruk Madness Photo Contest Winner… Liezel Manalo! It was a hard fought battle that went back and forth between our Final Four. But, it was Liezel who scorched the earth to pull off a decisive victory to win the competition! In doing so, she will receive $1,000 from Buddytruk as the Grand Prize! To learn more about Liezel and our other finalists who made the Final Four, visit our blog where we got a chance to know our contestants. They’re all amazing and we would like to thank everyone that entered our contest!

In case you’re curious… here was the final tally…

  • Liezel Manalo (812 likes)
  • Maria Barranco (641 likes)
  • Austin Reid (179 likes)
  • Nicole Murray (104 likes)

6. Times releases annual list of 110 Most Influential People

I love when this list comes out! Not just to read about who made it but, to see who the author of of the essays written by is and why that person thinks the honoree deserves to be on that list. For instance… freaking Elon Musk wrote about why Kanye West belongs on this year’s list. What in the sam hell does Elon Musk and Kanye… forget it. Check out the eclectic group that made the cut on Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people. This is the 12th year Time has put together this list. An essay by a prominent public figure is written for each honoree.

7. Sit on the Irone Throne, Courtesy of Uber

Why does Uber have so many damn cool promotions??? According to Ad Week, you don’t have to travel to Westeros to take your rightful place upon the Iron Throne. A new HBO Now and Uber campaign called #RideOfThrones is bringing the infamous seat of rulers to the doorsteps of Game of Thrones fans in New York (April 16-17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


8. Heal The Bay With Buddytruk

We are continuing our outreach efforts in the community by helping Heal The Bay in efforts to help with their beach clean up. Santa Monica Beach is becoming a pit stop for discarded trash and only adds fuel to the environmental crises affecting California. So, in an effort to bring awareness to this hazardous issue, #TeamBuddytruk will join forces with the longtime Santa Monica staple and environmental organization, “Heal The Bay” on April 18th, 2015 from 10am-12pm. There will be 2,500+ people expected to participate to help with the beach cleanup. We would love to see you there and count on your support to help make our beach a much more beautiful place!

Location: Santa Monica Beach at Ocean Park: 2600 Barnard Way (At the end of Ocean Park) Santa Monica, CA 90405. Find out more details about Heal The Bay here.

buddytruk-ocean-heal the bay

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Have a wonderful day and be sure to send us some feedback! We would love to hear from you!

CJ Johnson

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