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The Buddytruk Top 8: Startup Mistakes, Austin, Smashd interview, and more!

Welcome to another week of the Buddytruk Top 8! Is it the weekend yet?! It’s been a busy week at Buddytruk headquarters as we enter new frontiers and continue our mission to disrupt outdated systems. So there is much to share with you including our most popular blog post to date, “Biggest Startup Mistakes from 22 Industry Experts.” With that said, let’s dig into some interesting tidbits from the past week:

1. Buddytruk Founders talk with Smashd about latest news!

Earlier this week, Buddytruk Founders, Brain Foley and Tim Kolenut did an exclusive interview with Smashd. The guys spoke about what it’s like running a startup and the latest Buddytruk news. Smashd is an awesome platform exploring the world of tech, culture, and the hustle! Read more here.

buddytruk-texas-brian foley-tim kolenut-cj johnson-cjjohnsonjr

2. Biggest Startup Mistakes From 22 Industry Experts.

A few weeks ago I posted a query seeking responses from entrepreneurs on the biggest mistakes startups make. I wanted to continue my efforts with providing our readers with some tips/advice when it comes to the world of startups from the experts who have experienced pitfalls. The response was uncanny. Over a 100 replies in 24 hours. As I read through the various responses, I started to find a lot of commonalities. I ended up narrowing down the responses to a list of 22. Since, we posted our findings we’ve been getting a ton of responses and feedback with people thanking the experts and Buddytruk for sharing some insight. Check it out.


3. Buddytruk Driver Spotlight on BMX Rider.

This week we showcased our second Buddytruk Driver. This time we have one L.A.’s finest Buddytruk Drivers who also happens to be a BMX Rider. Read more here.

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4. Austin bumps Silicon Valley out of top spot in startup city rankings!

According to Built in Austin, this year’s Kauffman Index report reveals that Austin, Texas as the best city in America for startup businesses! Last year Austin was ranked #2. California as a whole dropped 9 spots in the rankings. The study found that Austin had the highest rate of new entrepreneurs in the country. These new findings are downright fascinating. Read more on Built in Austin.

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5. Forbes reports Uber Is Adding ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of New Drivers Every Month.

According to Forbes, Uber is adding “hundreds of thousands” of drivers globally every month. Uber often signs up many more drivers than remain current active drivers: In a recent study of U.S. drivers, Uber found that that almost half of its drivers stop driving after a year.


6. 5 Tech Tips To Help Your Small Business Grow.

Laurie McCabe, a partner in the SMB Group, which provides technology research for small and medium-sized businesses, offers five tech tips to help your small business grow. Check it on Forbes.

7. Apartment living for less: Spending smart as a renter.

Renting an apartment can come with its own host of expenses, from the lump sum you have to deliver upon the start of your lease (first month, last month, security deposit and, in some cities, the dreaded broker’s fee) to maintenance, decorating and upkeep. What are some ways that you can save money (besides using Buddytruk to handle your moving needs. Wink. Wink.)

Check out these great tips on Mashable.


8. Twitter and NBA Partner for NBA Finals.

NBA fans are among the most vocal on Twitter (Buddytruk’s Ryan Salmons and myself included, lol). As the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warrior kick off the 2015 NBA Finals, Twitter partnered with the NBA to create a dedicated #NBAFinals Timeline. Twitter has created timelines before–such as one for the Super Bowl–but this marks the first time a U.S. sports league has partnered with them as part of a joint effort. Get. Ready.

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Alright readers, what are your thoughts on our Top 8 from this week? Leave us your comments! Have an amazing day. And as always… see you next week! Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour.

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