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The Buddytruk Top 8: GIFs on Facebook, Buddytruk, Jessica Alba, and more!

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to another week of the Buddytruk Top 8! Before we begin with our roundup, I wanted to state on behalf of the entire Buddytruk Co., our hearts and positive thoughts go out to those affected by the devastating floods in Austin, Texas and Central Texas. We’ll be doing our part with supporting the community. So, with that said, let’s dig into some interesting tidbits from the past week:

1. How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company & $200 Million Fortune.

According to Forbes, Jessica Alba, who owns between 15% and 20% of The Honest Company is sitting on a fortune of $200 million. She’s on her way to earning a spot on FORBES’ new ranking of America’s Richest Self-Made Women, just $50 million shy of Beyoncé and Judge Judy, who are tied at number 49. The only other two celebrities to make the inaugural list are Oprah and Madonna. The difference is that foursome made their money in their core field, media and music.

Alba, at a young age, has done it in a completely unrelated industry. Apparently, she’s just getting started, “If we really want to make a difference in the world and people’s health, it’s billions and billions of dollars, not just one.”

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2. Google acquires mobile app performance startup

Google announced that the company acquired app performance startup during its I/O 2015 developer conference.’s product, which shows developers how they can speed up their apps, will remain available to existing customers (with support included) for an undisclosed amount of time. That said, new features will not be added. For more details, visit Venture Beat.

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3. Buddytruk Showcases Drivers!

Earlier this week, we showcases one of our cool Buddytruk Drivers. For a while now, we wanted to showcase some of our drivers to you. So, every week there will be a new buddy spotlighted for you to see what type of people help make a difference out there. First off, we have Samuel! Samuel isn’t just one of our awesome Buddytruk Drivers but he’s also a rising star in HollywoodSamuel has an infectious positive attitude we think you’ll love. It’s time for you to meet your buddy with a truck… Samuel!

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4. Buddytruk + Boxcamp Storage = Easy Moving For College Students!

Moving season is underway and everyone has been asking us about our deals and promotions! So, for all of you awesome UCSB and UCLA Students, Buddytruk is continuing to handle your moving/delivery needs with our collaboration with the Boxcamp Storage Co. In fact, we have some awesome new deals to share with you, including a special that’s coming up soon:

For those of you who are looking for more deals from Buddytruk, we have an awesome Groupon deal that offers up to 50% off to use our service. Go here for more details.

5. For tech companies, the appeal of Silicon Beach is growing.

I still love that more and more people are discovering Silicon Beach! So when I spotted this article from 89.3 KPCC, I found it interesting about their perspective on the growing movement. According to the article, Silicon Valley is often criticized these days for making very cool apps that appeal to the young and wealthy people who make the apps, but that have little utility in the real world. Apparently, L.A.’s size and diversity provide a much better laboratory for start-ups to test new products.

6. Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Sentenced to Life in Prison.

Silk Road Creator, Ross Ulbricht has finally been sentenced in a case that may set the precedence for how toe government responds to the “dark web”. If you’re not familiar with this story, Ulbricht created a way to enable more than $200 million of anonymous online drug sales using the digital currency bitcoin (one of the biggest knocks against bitcoin). The accused mastermind was recently sentenced to life in prison. It’s a pretty stiff penalty no one saw coming because well this the first conviction of a case like this. Most people thought he would get 20 years (max).

Ross Ulbricht, 31, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan three months after a federal jury found him guilty of charges including conspiracy to commit drug trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking. In addition to his sentence, Forrest ordered Ulbricht to forfeit $183.9 million. Ulbricht had admitted to creating Silk Road, but denied wrongdoing. He is expected to appeal.

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7. How Bold Entrepreneurs Are Breaking $1 Million In One-Person Businesses.

According to Forbes, new statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 30,174 “nonemployer” firms that brought in $1 million to $2,499,999 in 2013. That’s up from 29,494 in 2012 and 26,744  in 2011. There are many more non-employer businesses getting close to the $1 million mark. In 2013, there were 221,815 bringing in $500,000 to $999,999, a number that held steady since 2012.

What’s driving their success? One factor is the growth of the internet, which has enabled individual entrepreneurs to plunge into a vast, global marketplace cheaply and quickly. “It’s provided a whole set of capabilities and tools these entrepreneurs can access,” says Andrew Karpie, a principal analyst at the Research Platform in San Francisco, who studies online platforms used in the labor area.

But it also reflects a shift in attitudes. Rather than adopt Henry Ford-era business models, where scaling up depends on hiring legions of employees, these entrepreneurs travel light. When they need to expand their individual capabilities, they generally rely on contractors such as web designers or firms that handle outsourced functions, like billing. As their businesses grow, so do those of the contractors they hire.

8. Facebook Confirms It Will Officially Support GIFs.

One. You know my love for GIFs is real. Two. My GIF game is strong and just got a whole lot stronger. Facebook recently confirmed that it will now support animated GIFs in the Facebook News Feed. Not everyone will see the added functionality immediately. The move represents a significant change in direction for Facebook, which has historically made a conscious decision to avoid supporting GIFs, claiming that doing so would make its News Feed “too chaotic.”

Instead of allowing GIFs, Facebook’s focus to date has been on video. The company introduced support for auto-playing videos in late 2013, but despite bringing a more lively, animated feel to the News Feed, the move did not lead Facebook to rolling out support for GIFs. Read more on TechCrunch.

Alright readers, what’s your reaction to some of these hot topics from this past week? Any questions regarding Buddytruk promotions? Did the Silk Road Creator get a deserved sentence? Who else is excited to bust out their GIF game on Facebook? Leave us your comments. Have an amazing day. And as always… see you next week! Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour.

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