The Buddytruk Top 8: Buddytruk, Taylor Swift , Hoverboards, and more!

Happy Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by to check out today’s edition of the Buddytruk Top 8! This has been a busy, busy week with awesome Buddytruk news, announcements in tech, and the evolution of some businesses. Before we get started, I would like to say how amazing it was to wake up this morning to the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage nationwide. Incredibly powerful and #TeamBuddytruk is happy for the LGBT community. In other news…

1. Buddytruk joins On-Demand Panel @ SBF.

Buddytruk CEO & Founder, Brian Foley appeared on the Silicon Beach Fest panel where Brian was joined by representatives from LAbite, Luxe Valet, Curbstand, Instacart LA, Saucy, and Washio. It was a fun panel where everyone talked about a range of topics from tips/advice to offering insight into the on-demand world. As usual, it was fun times!

2. “What Inspired You To Create Your Mobile App?”

Earlier this week, we posted a blog about the topic, “What Inspired You To Create Your Mobile App?” We spoke with 15 industry experts who told us some of their fun stories of how they got started in the mobile app game. It’s a great read that really showcases how entrepreneurs come up with great ideas and turn them into a reality.


3. 7 Tips for buying used furniture.

Speaking of awesome blog posts this week, we had a guest contributor, Victoria Bazlamit write a terrific blog post about new tips for buying furniture. So for all of you who are looking to spice up your place, here are “7 Tips for buying used furniture”. Be on the look out for more posts from Victoria and other guest bloggers.

4. Taylor Swift to release 1989 album on Apple Music. 

You can’t talk about hot topics from this week without bringing up that public beat down Taylor Swift put on Apple Music. Last weekend, Swift said she wouldn’t allow Apple to stream her album because the tech giant was refusing to pay labels during the trial period. The singer penned an open letter expressing her disappointment that soon after, went viral. Then Apple Music did an “about face” and caved in to Taylor Swift’s “suggestions”. Now, Taylor Swift has announced she will in fact release her album, “1989” on Apple Music. Read more about it on USA Today.

5. Texas holds on to #2 spot in CNBC business rankings.

Texas held on to its title as the second best state in the country for business, according to CNBC’s 2015 rankings. Just in case you’re wondering, Minnesota is #1. Every year CNBC ranks the 50 states according to 60 different business and economic metrics. This year, Texas scored 1,580 points out 2,500 – which sounds like a low D, but compared to other states it’s actually pretty good. California, for example, received just 1284 points and was noted for it’s high costs and heavy regulation.

Texas received high marks in the study for its economy (#2), access to capital (#6) and, inexplicably, was ranked as having the best infrastructure in the country. The top 5 states in order from first to fifth were: Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Georgia.


6. Apple Pulls Civil War Games From App Store Over Confederate Flag.

Retailers like Amazon and Walmart are pulling Confederate flag merchandise from their stores amid an outcry following the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, last week. And now, Apple appears to be taking its turn. Gaming website Touch Arcade reported Thursday that games featuring depictions of the Confederate flag have been removed from the App Store. Read more on The Huffington Post.

7. RIP Circa.

Did you ever end up using that one app everyone was raving about a while back? You know the one… Circa? Did you stick with it? Okay. Good. Neither did anyone else. If you remember… Circa was the startup, which had promised to deliver breaking news and updates in a faster, more streamlined, more mobile-friendly way than anyone had before, ran out of money to continue operating. Another one bites the dust.

8. There. Is. A. REAL. Freaking. Hoverboard.

Yes. I’m closing out our Top 8 with the “trying to contain my excitement” announcement of the Lexus hoverboard. It’s real. It looks amazing. There’s pretty much nothing else to say. You can read more about it here or… just do what I did and keep drooling at this picture.

Alright readers, now it’s your turn! Leave us your comments! Send in your thoughts! Most of all, have an amazing day. And as always… see you next week! Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour.

CJ Johnson

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