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The Buddytruk Top 8: Buddytruk Scholarship, Apple Music, UCLA, and more!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Buddytruk Top 8! I’m writing this blog post as June Gloom continues to devour the normally bright/beautiful city of angels. It may be gloomy outside but our Top 8 is full of sunshine! From Buddytruk bringing a bit of happiness to our photo contest winner to Apple’s big announcements this week. It’s been a fun week full of shakeups! Let’s get into it…

1. Buddytruk awards $1,000 Scholarship to UCLA student. 

Buddytruk Founders, Brian Foley and Ryan Salmons awarded our $1,000 Scholarship to the 2nd Annual Buddytruk Photo Contest Winner! This year’s winner is UCLA student, Liezel Manalo! #‎TeamBuddytruk‬ met with Liezel and her family on the UCLA campus to deliver her an over-sized check! Read all about it here!

2. What does UCLA, Buddytruk, and Goodwill have in common?

Speaking of UCLA… we are offering free deliveries to any UCLA students looking to donate a piece of their furniture to Goodwill. We will be using the Goodwill location on 11726 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 as our primary drop off spot.


3. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Steps Down; Jack Dorsey To Be Interim CEO.

Twitter shook things up this week with their stunning announcement about CEO Dick Costolo stepping down from his position. Taking his place is Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey. Even though no one is outright saying why this happened. It’s pretty transparent that this move was influenced by pressure from investors, who punished Twitter’s stock over more recent challenges like stagnant user growth, user retention and disappointing results from its direct response advertising business. Read all about it and latest developments on Huff Post.

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4. Buddytruk CTO Ryan Salmons shares insight about app development.

Proto.io wrote an insightful piece, “4 Things Mobile App Developers Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves”.  Buddytruk CTO, Ryan Salmons was one of the four to share his insight and what advice he would have told his younger self back in the early stages of developing the Buddytruk app.

Check out what he had to say.

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5. Ladies and Gentlemen, Apple has stepped into the music streaming game.

Earier this week, Apple announced its next big venture during its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference… Apple Music! AKA Spotify. AKA Tidal. AKA Rdio. Apple singlehandedly turned the digital music marketplace on its head when it launched the iTunes Store in 2003, and now it’s going after the current hottest trend: Streaming media. The same week Apple CEO Tim Cook made his announcement, Spotify went ahead and closed a $526 billion fundraising round according to the Wall Street Journal. This will be fun to watch. Game on my, friends. Game on. If you’re interested in knowing more about Apple Music, check this out.

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6. Twitter ditches 140 character limit for Direct Messaging.

Forget Twitter’s CEO shakeup, Twitter just announced a potentially game-changing alteration to its platform — especially as it pertains to business users. Beginning in July, Direct Messages sent via Twitter will no longer have a 140 character limit. Now, messages can be as long as a 10,000 characters — which could be welcome news to businesses who use the social networking service as a real-time customer service center. This is going to be an instant fix for annoyed consumers, as well as a public podium for businesses to showcase consideration, sometimes resolution requires longer, private exchanges.

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7. You Deserve to Be a Millionaire. Follow These 12 Tips to Get There.

Interesting read.

8. Buddytruk: Silicon Beach Movement’s New Leader.

What better way to close out our Top 8 by sharing more Buddytruk news! Living out Loud LA wrote this fun piece on Buddytruk and interviewed Buddytruk Co-Founder, Tim Kolenut on the latest Buddytruk news. Read all about it here!

Alright readers, what are your thoughts on our Top 8 from this week? Leave us your comments! Have an amazing day. And as always… see you next week! Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour.

CJ Johnson

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