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The Buddytruk Top 8: Buddytruk, Reddit , URBAN TxT, and more!

Hello Buddytrukers! Welcome to another edition of the Buddytruk Top 8! We have an exciting holiday weekend on the horizon and I don’t know about you but I am beyond ready for fireworks and BBQ. So, let’s check dive into some highlights from the week!

1. Reddit is imploding. 

Reddit users and some moderators of the site are revolting en masse over the alleged firing of communications director Victoria Taylor, with several major subreddits being set to private and thus closed to users. Taylor, who was one of coordinators of Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything, a popular platform for people to answer users’ questions) was fired without notice, according to several reports from the site’s users.

Read more here.


2. Buddytruk Guest Post, Founder of Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary.

As the Buddytruk Blog audience grows we have been having more guest writers share tips, advice, and stories with us to share with you. Today, we have a very special guest writer, James Carbary. James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, sharing time-saving tools for entrepreneurs and marketers on the Sweet Fish blog and the Huffington Post. When asked if he had any entrepreneurial tips to share with our readers, he responded with a tantalizing post, “What Monica Lewinsky Taught Me About Being a Better Entrepreneur“. Color me intrigued…

3. “The only way to better your idea is to share it with more people.”

Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley did this fantastic interview with Turn Dog. You most definitely have to check it out. Highlights include:

  • It’s important to know what you want to achieve before working with an outside developer/agency.
  • Entrepreneurs are often good at building ideas and delegating, but not at communicating a clear message to their team.
  • Ensure you clearly articulate your vision and message to every team member – intern, co-founder, agency, everyone…
  • Forget the NDA’s and instead focus on sharing your idea… get feedback… see what people want.

4. Buddytruk sighting @ the Los Angeles Press Club’s 57th Southern California Journalism Awards.

The 57th annual Southern California Journalism Awards were held at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Southern California Journalism Awards are the most relevant, diverse and popular journalistic competition taking place in beautiful SoCal and Buddytruk made its presence felt at the mega event.

Check out the full list of winners from the awards ceremony here.

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5. Buddytruk Founders speak with urban youths at Urban TxT.

Buddytruk Founders, Brian Foley and Tim Kolenut spoke with the group of inspired young minds at the UBRAN TxT earlier this week. URBAN TxT serves young men of color between the 7th and 11th grade who are from low income communities who want to be tech entrepreneurs. We were fortunate enough to speak with the kids and provide them with some Buddytruk swag and entrepreneurial tips. Anytime we can give back to the community we’re reaching one of our primary company goals. So, it’s a terrific feeling to be a part of such a special group.

Read more about URBANTxT here.

6. Apple Music debuts!

Apple Music debuted earlier this week and you know what… it’s pretty AWESOME. Check out my initial thoughts…

7. “Silicon Beach Fest 2015 expands, attracts thousands”.

Kicking off summer startup festivities since 2013, Silicon Beach Fest 2015 opened last Wednesday night at a new venue and with more than 2,000 techies expected to attend. What’s become the largest tech event in Los Angeles, Silicon Beach Fest organizer Digital LA moved its festivities to the recently renovated hotel this year to capitalize on the expansive space, facilitate better networking in one place and simply make it easier for attendees.

“We have startups, Hollywood tech and folks from San Francisco and New York that flew in,” said Digital LA CEO and founder Kevin Winston opening night. “We have about 800 startups in the LA area, and that alone in sheer numbers is reflective of what’s happening in the scene.”

Capitalizing on the success of the past two years’ events as well as recent achievements in the LA tech scene, Silicon Beach Fest expanded its scope with panels and tracks on growth beyond startup, international startups, Hollywood and tech, virtual reality, bitcoin, drones and more.

Read more here.

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8. Snap a pic. Tag it #TeamBuddytruk. Get featured. 

Now that a brand new month is officially under way we want to spotlight the Buddytruk community in a fun way! Buddytruk receives so many awesome photos from our users, drivers, supporters, and team-members. We wanted to thank you for being a part of the community by giving you a special shout out on our social media channels! So, if you take a fun photo using Buddytruk or sporting some Buddytruk swag, post your photo with the tag, #‎TeamBuddytruk to get a special shout out! We appreciate you being a part of our awesome community! With your support we’re able to continue on and provide a helpful service for everyone! Thank you! 




Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

CJ Johnson

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