The Buddytruk Top 8: Buddytruk Interviews, California v Uber, Austin, and more!

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Buddytruk Top 8! #TeamBuddytruk had a fun week full of interviews and moving our business forward. There have also been some huge developments in the on-demand community with California’s new ruling against Uber. Is Montana the new entrepeneur hot spot? Did you know that Russell Simmons has an app (TOO)?! There’s that and more in our recap of this past week. Let’s go!

1. “Truckin’ with Brian Foley (CEO/Founder of Buddytruk)”

Buddytruk CEO & Founder, Brian Foley (fresh off sporting his new Twitter account, @BrianMichaelF) did an interview with Tech Warriorz. It was a fun interview where Brian discusses why its better to move using Buddytruk vs renting a U-Haul. Even cooler than that, Brian has fun predictions for Silicon Valley, Season 3. Which is hilarious in itself because its one of the very few things Brian actually watches (when he as time to relax). Read the entire interview by clicking the links above. It’s very entertaining.

Buddytruk-Brian Foley-Tech Warriorz

2. “Moving and Shaking the P2P Economy with Mobile App Startup Buddytruk.”

#TeamBuddytruk continued circling the press rounds as myself and Buddytruk Co-Founder/CTO, Ryan Salmons spoke with the cool kids at Comcastro. Comastro is an awesome podcast that were pleased to chat with. We talked about a range of topics including: the nature of startup businesses, cooperation vs. competition, disruptive tech, and on-demand peer-to-peer services within the emerging gig economy, while touching on the importance of reaching your market, market expansion, and building and maintaining consumer trust.

Again, it was a pleasure and fun time to be on the podcast. Ryan and I rarely do interviews together so it was pretty hilarious. Not to mention that we had some #TeamBuddytruk members milling about in the background. Fun times at Buddytruk HQ! Listen to the entire podcast here.

buddytruk-comastro-ryan salmons-cj johnson

3. Buddytruk will be at the Silicon Beach event of the year, SBF! 

Buddytruk WILL be appearing at Silicon Beach Fest where Brian and Co. will be speaking on an on-demand panel. He will be joined by other on-demand startup CEOs and senior execs who’ll discuss how to build an “on demand” business, from developing a user friendly app, to managing fulfillment and delivery resources, to covering LA’s large geographic area. We’ll also discuss best practices in acquiring new customers, marketing and social media, influencers, and growth beyond LA. Get your tickets now!

buddytruk-silicon beach fest

4. Tips on making your move better via Houzz

Houzz wrote a fun article about how you can move better. What better place to share their article chalk full of moving tips than on the Buddytruk Blog?!? “Whether you’re relocating across the country or just across town, moving can be stressful even given the best circumstances. Without a clear plan, packing up a household, getting a family prepared and orchestrating myriad services at both ends of a move can be a nightmare. You can avoid the pitfalls with a little preparation. I put my head together with the great minds at Tucson Professional Organizers, and we came up with these tried and true tips for planning and executing a seamless move.” Read the rest of the article and discover their awesome tips here.

5. Uber Driver deemed employee by California Labor Commission. What does that mean?

It would appear that the California Labor Commission has ruled that at least one Uber driver is an employee. As it stands now, Uber employs its drivers as third-party contractors, operating as a logistics company that provides access to customer demand and directions, transactions, etc. for the drivers. Uber has argued repeatedly in various courts that it is not a transportation or taxi company, but rather a software platform that matches customer demand with supply. This ruling changes all of that of course, thus shaking up the entire on-demand platform if it sticks. This ruling puts Uber in a position to face a number of legal obstacles, as well as rising costs of employing those drivers directly and offering them benefits, etc.

As BI points out, one of Uber’s main costs is its full-time employees that work out of Uber corporate offices. If Uber drivers are deemed employees, the business model shifts drastically. Uber is said to have more than a million drivers using the platform across the globe. Uber driver Barbara Ann Berwick filed a claim earlier in the year for not being paid out for her work. Through the course of that lawsuit, the California Labor Commission decided that Uber is far more than a logistics software company that matches supply with demand. See the filed complaint here.

We’ll be monitoring the situation closely. As the on-demand service grows you better believe so will the curve balls that get thrown our way. The outdated systems we’re all disrupting aren’t going down without a fight. But the people have spoken and the tides are already changing. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: This was the response on the ruling from Uber. 

uber-california-buddytruk blog

6. Behind the scenes with 3 companies (including Buddytruk) that recently opened offices in Austin.

Built in Austin caught up with me to discuss how our operations are going in Austin, Texas. I love to “Built In” community so I hopped at the chance to speak with them:

What has been the best part of operating in Austin? Meeting so many awesome people and helping the local economy grow. The people have been incredibly nice and there are so many people in need of our on-demand service. Rather, they need help moving desks and bulky items to other startups like ourselves who need help getting situated in Austin. We really seem to serve a need in Austin. Because we count on so many awesome drivers to provide the bulk of our services, it’s been fantastic to put a little extra money in peoples’ pockets.

Are you hiring? At the moment we are only hiring Buddytruk Drivers and Ambassadors, but soon we will be hiring sales representatives. Those interested in joining our team can send us their cover letter and resume to support@buddytruk.com.

Now that I’ve warmed you up, check out the full interview on Built in Austin.

Built in Austin-Buddytruk Blog-cjjohnsonjr

7. Mogul, Russell Simmons presents meditation app (Say whatttt?).

EVERYONE HAS AN APP NOW. Friggin’ Russell Simmons (YES. That Russell Simmons!) just came out with a new app—which is now live—is little more than an audio book companion to his most recent book titled “Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.” However it fits as part of his strategy for making his meditation message available to more people in more channels. The proceeds from his books go to various charities. Read more on TechCrunch. How many celebrities are in the app game now? Seriously. Who’s keeping count?

russell simons-buddytruk blog-mobile app

8. Is Montana joining the ranks as a “go to” spot for entrepreneurs?

According to the New York Times, a survey has found that Montana is a hotbed of entrepreneurship. Yes. Let that sink in. Montana. The state leads the nation in business creation, according to a new report from the Kauffman Foundation, which produces an annual analysis and ranking of start-up activity in every state. This year, the organization expanded its study to include the 40 largest metro areas. Austin, Tex., took the top spot in that ranking, followed by Miami.

Kauffman’s data shows a heavy concentration of new business creation in the northern Mountain and Midwestern states. Why? Researchers point to the oil boom. The three states at the top of this year’s ranking — Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota — all touch the Bakken region, where a drilling frenzy brought a rush of development and thousands of new workers to once-sleepy towns, spawning entire industries. Oil- and gas-related start-ups are piling into the region, but so are restaurants, day care centers, breweries, equipment makers, clothing retailers, transportation businesses and an array of other ventures.

Read more on the New York Times.

montana-buddytruk blog-ny times

Alright readers, there was a lot going on in our Top 8 from this week! Leave us your comments! Send in your thoughts! Most of all, have an amazing day. And as always… see you next week! Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour.

CJ Johnson

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