The Buddytruk Photo Contest Winner

Folks, it’s about that time to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Buddytruk Madness Photo Contest! #TeamBuddytruk would like to give a Special Congratulations to our Buddytruk Madness Photo Contest Winner… Liezel Manalo!
It was a hard fought battle that went back and forth between our Final Four. But, it was Liezel who scorched the earth to pull off a decisive victory to win the competition! In doing so, she will receive $1,000 from Buddytruk as the Grand Prize! To learn more about Liezel and our other finalists who made the Final Four, visit our blog where we got a chance to know our contestants. They’re all amazing and we would like to thank everyone that entered into our contest!

Final Tally:

  1. Liezel Manalo (812 likes)
  2. Maria Barranco (641 likes)
  3. Austin Reid (179 likes)
  4. Nicole Murray (104 likes)
Buddytruk Madness Champion-LIEZEL MANALO
LIEZEL MANALO is a Junior majoring in Linguistics at UCLA.
CJ Johnson

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