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In the Press – TechOutLA

Silicon Valley, who? Last Thursday, the Buddytruk team had the opportunity to attend TechOutLA, a conference at Mack Sennett studios highlighting the best minds in the booming Los Angeles startup community, Silicon Beach. Safe to say, Silicon Valley has some serious competition from its neighbors down South.

Tech Los Angeles
Buddytruk Creative Director Tim Kolenut, CEO Brian Foley, and Content Director Adam Jacobs (hey, that’s me!) in a brainstorming sesh before Brian took the stage. We discussed important topics, such as: what Brian should say, who our favorite speakers at TechOutLA are, and why I’m not allowed to wear sweatpants at the office anymore.


Not only were we blown away by the speakers and attendees at TechOutLA (which included startup gurus Jason Okuma and Mark Schwartz, among others), but Buddytruk CEO Brian Foley was able to join in on the fun, speaking on a panel with fellow startup founders Tasha Choi of Tackl and Emily Sipchen of ShowKit.

“It’s amazing to see how far Silicon Beach has come,” said Foley after speaking to a packed room. “It wasn’t that long ago that Snapchat moved into Silicon Beach, and ever since then – bam! This place is bursting at the seams with talented minds and startups on the rise.”

“Go with what feels right.” Buddytruk CEO Brian Foley on trusting your instincts as an entrepreneur.

After taking the stage, Foley spoke on the topic of finding motivation in the startup world and trusting your gut in crunch time – advice we know we’ve needed at Buddytruk. Foley also pointed out the importance of building a great team – which we totally agree with because we’re pretty awesome.

For the rest of the team, which includes Co-Founders Russell Tuchman, Tim Kolenut, and me, the one and only Adam Jacobs, it was nice to step out of the office and take in the advice from some of the industries’ best, especially when we were able to meet one of our favorites from TechOutLA, Dada Nabhaniilananda (also known as “The Monk Dude”).

Dada Nabhaniilananda
A TechOutLA highlight, “The Monk Dude” is bringing zen to the tech world.

The Monk Dude led the conference in a group meditation service – we all closed our eyes and drifted into a contemplative state as Nabhaniilananda brought us into a state of total zen. Not what we anticipated from TechOutLA, but an amazing and pleasant surprise that we’d love to take part in again.

Overall, TechOutLA showed just how cool it is to be a part of Silicon Beach and put in perspective that even though the startup world can be tough, mean, and overwhelming at times, we wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Oh, yeah, lunch was great too.

CJ Johnson

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