Target Gets Moving With Buddytruk!

This week marks a brand-new partnership with Buddytruk and Target, making our on-demand service available for same day deliveries for Target Guests in all Greater Los Angeles store locations. By using Buddytruk you will now be able to get all of your in-store bulky items home safely with ease.

It works like this:

  1. A Target Guest simply gets the Buddytruk app, then snaps a pic of the bulky item they want carried home!
  2. Under 3 minutes, a Target Guest will be paired with a Buddytruk Buddy. To ensure Target Guests are receiving the utmost attention, a Buddytruk Buddy will always call and verify location.
  3. Between 35-45 minutes, a Buddytruk Buddy will arrive to make sure your bulky items get home safely. The best part is that you don’t have to stick around and wait for your Buddytruk Buddy! You leave your item with the Target Guest Services department. A qualified Target employee will be monitoring your item until our credentialed Buddytruk Buddy you were paired with arrives to pick up your item. Just in case a Target Guest loses a cell signal, needs additional help or plain isn’t comfortable downloading the app… they can easily call us and speak with a Buddytruk Specialist at (310) 957-5643.


What is so special about Buddytruk being available in Target?

  • Same Day Delivery – With Buddytruk, Target guests can get same day deliveries.
  • Peace of Mind -No more trying to figure out how you’re going to get your large items home.
  • You’re Covered -All Buddytruk Buddy go through an extensive DMV and background check so you can rest assured your delivery was done by the best of the best. In case there is an accident with your item, Buddytruk will cover damage costs and replace your items.
  • 5 Star Service – Buddytruk Buddies are rated by passengers after every delivery so you know how great your buddy truly is.
  • Easy to use –  Connecting with a driver is as easy as tap of a button from your phone, creating the world’s first on-demand moving experience.

We hope you enjoy Buddytruk and we can’t wait to help continue to make your life easier. Whenever you need your buddy with a truck, we’ll be there.

Buddytruk Driver_1-4

Although Buddytruk’s partnership is exclusively with Targets in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can request a buddy at any retail location within our operating boundries. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website or send us a message at support@buddytruk.com.
CJ Johnson

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    1. Hi Mark! Yes we are. Uninstall your app. Reinstall. Try again. If your problem still persists, e-mail us at support [at] buddytruk [dot] com. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alex! For your typical delivery it would be on average $50+ and take 2-3 days to deliver a large item home for you vs using Buddytruk for a minimum of $29 and $1 per mile/per minute (delivery time is usually under 1 hour). So, we’re actually pretty cheap to use and much more effective than your standard delivery. We use that price point to make sure our drivers are taken care of and that you are getting a premium service for a low price. Plus, we usually offer promo codes and continuously promote promo codes for potential users who are seeking discounts/deals so if you’re looking for some awesome deals all you have to do is ask/do some research to save you costs. In addition, we do list our pricing structure on our website so in case anyone is interested in using Buddytruk they can do some additional research in advance of using our service.

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