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A Social Hauling Website Fit for Buddytruk

Ryan Salmons, web developer extraordinaire, has helped us create the perfect Social Hauling hub for buddyTruk
Ryan Salmons, web developer extraordinaire, has helped us create the perfect Social Hauling hub for Buddytruk

As a tech startup like Buddytruk (where we survive on protein bars and free office coffee – thanks, ROC!), we find that success comes to us in waves, with each new success dwarfing the previous success. First we celebrated becoming an incorporated company in Delaware way back in 2013. Then we had a mild-mannered celebration after reaching 100 Facebook likes. It was only a couple weeks ago that we did a little dance after putting the iPhone and Android applications into development (it’s a-comin’!).

Now, we celebrate the Buddytruk website going live. Crafted by web-developer extraordinaire, friend of Buddytruk, and University of Texas alum, Ryan Salmons has helped us craft a hub for all things Buddytruk.

“The Buddytruk website does a tremendous job at explaining the purpose of the app,” said Salmons. “Half the time I’ll download an app and I don’t have a clue what it’s for, but the Buddytruk website really does a great job of explaining what the app does and why I should use it. We wanted to create a seamless, simple message, and we’ve more than accomplished that.”

The new website offers streamlined access to the Buddytruk blog (which you’re reading, yay!) including new pages concerning safety, Social Hauling and most importantly, the ability to sign up to become a Buddytruk driver.

“The future of Buddytruk looks very bright,” said Salmons. “Brian, Russell, and the team are dedicated to making the local hauling industry easier to use and know exactly what they want out of their business. This website will drastically help in the conversion rate of potential clients that are unsure about the true scope of the app and I am excited to see what the future holds for Buddytruk and the Social Hauling industry.”

With Ryan leading the way, we’ve created a Buddytruk website that we didn’t think was possible. However, our next mission might create our biggest wave of success yet – bringing the Buddytruk application to your smart phone and making Social Hauling a part of your life.

But what will your next success look like? Are you working toward that degree you always wanted, finally asking the love of your life out after all this time, or creating the next big startup? No matter what your goal is, teamwork can help you get there faster. To become part of the Buddytruk team, fill out our driver application today.

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