On-Demand Moving

Meet Buddytruk Driver Giovanni Herrera: On-Demand Moving Master

On-Demand Moving
Buddytruk driver Giovanni Herrera helped UCLA student Priyanka Tripuraneni move her mattress in Westwood for our first-ever transaction. They helped make on-demand moving become a reality!

It was only a few short weeks ago that Buddytruk made history. On August 1, 2014, Buddytruk opened its doors for business. By 6:00 PM, our first on-demand moving experience was in the books. It was a  huge success for the entire team. After months of development, we were so excited to see our hard work come to fruition – but the true hero that day was Buddytruk driver Giovanni Herrera.

UCLA student Priyanka Tripuraneni needed her mattress moved a few blocks down to her new place in Westwood, but, like many college students, had no way of actually getting it there. Cue Giovanni – the man with the van (Toyota Sienna, to be exact!). In just minutes, Giovanni was at her location and helped move the mattress down the block and into her new apartment.

It’s safe to say we wouldn’t be the company we are today without the help of our amazing team of drivers because of their dedication and hard-work. We spent some time talking to our on-demand moving master Giovanni about everything from Social Hauling to his favorite places to grab a bite in Los Angeles (Hint: he may have better taste in L.A. food than fellow Buddytruk driver Justin Stone!).

On-demand Moving
A Social Hauling success story: Giovanni helped Priyanka get her mattress moved into her new place in just minutes.

Buddytruk: Giovanni, you made Buddytruk history by being a part of our first on-demand moving experience. What made you interested in joining Buddytruk?

Giovanni: Well, I can tell you this: I love helping people out and I love being outdoors and meeting new people. Getting paid to do so is just an added bonus! What really interested me about Buddytruk is the challenge that comes in hand when you take a job! I like to challenge myself in everything I do. So I thought “this is perfect!” Now I can challenge myself and make sure everything is delivered to the right place and in the form I received it in and have a little fun while doing so.

Buddytruk: The idea of on-demand moving and hauling is completely brand new, and you were literally the first to do it. How do you feel about joining the Social Hauling movement?

Giovanni: I’m excited! Now we can help each other out because I know how hard it is to find someone to help you move and Buddytruk makes life so much easier.

Buddytruk: That’s what we’re talking about! We know that you love helping people in your community out, but tell us about yourself! Where are you from?

Giovanni: Well I was born and raised in West Los Angeles. I love my hometown – there’s no place like Los Angeles!

Buddytruk: Los Angeles has tons of great places to grab a bite to eat. What’s your favorite?

Giovanni: My favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings! Love the Honey BBQ wings!

On-Demand Moving
Moving with a Buddytruk driver is as easy as downloading our free app from the App Store.

Buddytruk: Wise choice. We love the Mango Habanero wings! What do you love most about Los Angeles?

Giovanni: What I love about L.A. is that you can go surfing and swimming at the beach and even get to Downtown L.A. in minutes. Everything you could possibly want or need is in L.A.! Go to Staples Center and watch the Lakers or Clippers and drive down the street and head over to Chavez Ravine and watch the Dodgers. That’s what I love!

Buddytruk: Agreed! Although we’re slightly disappointed you didn’t mention our Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings! What’s the biggest move you’ve ever had to do in your life?

Giovanni: The biggest move I’ve done in my life was with the last company I worked for. They moved locations and had their things moved to storage rooms. It took us a whole week to transport all the items!

Buddytruk: Whoa! That’s quite a move! Last thing – tell us something unique about yourself.

Giovanni: I love going to Irwindale Speedway and I love to play baseball and basketball. Also when I have a task in hand I try to do it right and as fast as possible. That’s just me I hate to lag it and have people waiting.

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