New Job in a New City? Make Your House Feel Like a Home

New Job in a New City? Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Guest Post by: Rebecca Kennedy

It’s often said that home is where the heart is. Despite its simplicity on the surface, this popular phrase is actually filled with complex meaning. Home is where families begin and grow; where holidays and birthdays are celebrated; where seasons pass and memories are made. Your home is often the location of many important and memorable life milestones, and—not surprisingly—many people become very attached to their homes for that very reason.

However, it’s becoming less and less common for families to stay put in one home over the course of their lifetime – With many moving to improve their career. That means saying goodbye to the home that you’ve grown comfortable with and learned to love over the years, and trying to replicate that same sense of security and positivity in a place that’s completely foreign and new.

Moving into a new home in a new city can be a big shock to the senses, but with these simple tricks, you can make any new house feel like a home in no time.


Hang family photos and favorite artwork.

Your new home is like a clean slate; it’s an opportunity to make brand new memories and create new experiences. However, it’s still important to honor old memories, too. One of your first priorities after moving into your new home should be to display personal family photos. Seeing those smiling faces will be an instant mood-booster for everyone, and the photos will also make your whole family (even those family members who may be feeling unhappy about the move) feel included and loved. This tip extends to beloved works of art (including any art made by you or your kids, too!).

Resume old routines.

By keeping a sense of order and implementing old routines in your new home, you can create a feeling of security and familiarity, despite being in a new place. This is especially important for kids, who often thrive on specific mealtime, bedtime, and bathtime schedules in order to feel safe and taken care of. This practice will show that it’s not the specific house or location that is important when it comes to feeling comfortable and at home, but rather the activities and routines that take place there.


Upgrade to ultracomfy linens, rugs, and seating.

Part of the problem with moving into a new home is that nobody has their established “comfortable spaces” yet. There are no favorite reading nooks, quiet nap spots, or areas for chatting or hanging out. Make everyone feel comfortable in their new home by using the big move as an excuse to invest in cozy new comforters and pillows for the beds, and fluffy rugs and throw blankets for the common spaces. Your family will feel settled in and at ease in no time.

Buy some fresh plants and flowers.

Fresh greenery and florals can inject a burst of life into any room, and also make spaces feel friendly and welcoming. Display a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, plant some bulbs in a window box, or purchase a fun new hanging terrarium to brighten up the room. Colorful and fragrant florals can be especially effective mood-boosters, so don’t be shy about displaying them in multiple rooms.

Making a house into a home takes time, but it’s worth the effort.

More likely than not, it will take some time for your family to really warm up to the idea of living in your new home. But by making the effort to personalize your home and make it feel welcoming and comfortable, you can speed up the process of turning your brand new house into the home of your dreams.

Brian Foley

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