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How to Make Your Company More Charitable

Any time of year can be the time for giving, but, around this time of year specifically, the world thankfully becomes a little bit closer. Since it’s not only the season for giving, but also the season for resolutions, I’d love to help you make an effort to make your company charitable all year long. Here are some ways that you can not only help more, but help more efficiently:

Be Aware: Sometimes while we’re busy in an effort to grow our business and exceed in our daily tasks, realizations for outside opportunities in which we can invest our energies into are lost. It’s important to take a little time to look for ways that you and your business can be charitable. Every two weeks or so, I personally research upcoming holidays and days of awareness. I make sure my team knows about everything going on nationwide and suggest ways we can keep Buddytruk involved and give to those causes.

Be uniquely helpful: If your company can give money to a charity, that’s great! That’s a very common need for a lot of charitable organizations; however, if your company is a startup, or you’re already giving to several causes, there are often other unique ways to give to charity. Think of what your company gives to its customers and think of a corresponding charity that could be in need of your specific offering. An example would be donating some of your extra product to a charity asking for it. Personally, Buddytruk looks for ways we can donate our time by offering free deliveries. Last Easter, for instance, we used our fleet of trucks to deliver giant stuffed animals to the children over at Totally Kids, a non-profit hospital center for disabled children located in Sun Valley, California. It was a unique and rewarding event that the entire team was excited to be apart of. We always look out for those special opportunities to deliver supplies and provide moving help, as it is the resource that we can continue to give without putting too much strain on our team and something we can give that not all can provide.

Ask first how you can help: Sometimes before offering something you think is needed, it is helpful to ask your charity of choice what they need most of. You may be surprised at what they actually are asking for. Perhaps they have several donations this year and could instead use your team’s time and energy. This way, there is no doubt you have helped them out in the best way possible and made the best use of your resources.

Learn from others: You can be innovative and jump right into serving the cause that makes the most sense to you in the way that seems best, but it’s often helpful if you can first get advice from those that have done it before. Perhaps reach out to a partner company who has participated in a promotion/ done a similar service you wish to do for charity before. Find out what difficulties they may have had in the past and/or what helped them be successful. This way, you can avoid any headaches and use all of your valuable time and resources achieving what you really set out to do: help! For instance, when coming up with ideas on the best way to navigate holiday toy charities, we reached out to our partners at Whole Foods to see how their experience with the program they worked with last year went. They always provide us with the most insightful advice when it comes to organization and partnerships to continuously help us get the most out of our efforts.

Get your whole team involved: What better way is there to help than to push for charity with the weight of an entire team behind you? We achieve the most for our community when every team member is aware of the efforts we’re making. When everyone gets involved, everybody wins: the charity gains more hands/resources, everyone gains a chance to input their unique skills/perspective for a common good, and we gain more quality time to bond as a team.

It’s not hard to help once, but it can be difficult to help as often as we all hope to. Thankfully, the more you help, the more experience you have that can help you in the future. Keeping these points in mind in the beginning, along with using your resources wisely, can help you make the most of all of your efforts to improve your community. We hope our advice helps your company find the most efficient and sustainable way to help now and in the upcoming year. Happy Holidays!

Brian Foley

Founder & Chief Executive Buddy. Once voted "Most Likely to Walk Outside Barefoot" Loves puppies, iced coffee, and surfing.