Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

Top 5 Reasons To Become A Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

Los Angeles Brand Ambassador
Want to get involved with Buddytruk? Join us as a Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador!

With the Buddytruk app set to launch within the next few weeks, we’ve seen our email inboxes and text messages become inundated with requests from people looking to get involved with Buddytruk. Let’s be honest, it’s easy to get behind a platform that simplifies peoples’ moving and hauling needs – but not everyone has a truck, van, or SUV to join the Buddytruk team as a driver to make that direct impact.

We wanted to create a way for Buddytruk enthusiasts, friends, and family to join us in another capacity – which is exactly why we’ve created the Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador program. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for fans of Buddytruk and Social Hauling to make some extra cash, but it’s a great way to meet people and join an exciting startup.

1. Earn as a Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Los Angeles
Join the Social Hauling movement and make money spreading the word on Buddytruk!

Making money as a brand ambassador is simple – all you have to do is talk about Buddytruk! Each Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador will receive Buddytruk gift cards they can give to anyone and everyone. Share them with people at your school, place of business, an organization you’re affiliated with, and favorite restaurants and stores—just to name a few!

These gift cards will have promo codes unique to each individual brand ambassador and can be used for a first time Buddytruk transaction. Each time a new user utilizes their gift card the ambassador will receive a cash bonus. Pretty easy way to make some extra money, right?

2. Be Your Own CEO

Los Angeles Brand Ambassador
Becoming a Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador is a great way to work around your own schedule.

A huge part of being a brand ambassador is connecting with people in your community, like local business owners, students, and neighbors. The more you connect with, the more you make!

But, we know that your time is really important to you. Just like our Buddytruk drivers, we want you to be your own CEO. We want you you to work as much or as little as you would like. It’s truly the perfect job to work around your schedule.

3. Get Free Buddytruk Swag

Brand Ambassador Los Angeles
What better way to spread the word on Buddytruk than with our swag.

Sometimes, getting folks interested in a company is a whole lot easier with a company branded t-shirt than it is with an elevator speech. We know that not every Los Angeles Brand Ambassador will have the time to discuss Buddytruk with everyone they meet, so we have tons of free promotional items that we can’t wait to share with our brand ambassadors!

Get decked out in our Buddytruk attire, send us pictures, and get involved in our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, we’re designing the swag and attire, so you know you’ll look good!

4. Attend Fun Events in the Southland

Los Angeles Brand Ambassador
We had a lot of fun at Disrupt LA – and so could you!

Regardless of whether you want to become a Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador for work experience, extra income, or meet some cool people, you’ll undoubtedly have the opportunity to have a whole lot of fun, no matter what.

Whether it be joining us at a startup pitch-off at Disrupt LA or a community swap meet, there will be no shortage of fun events for you to experience with Buddytruk throughout the summer. A huge part of our success depends on spending time in the community and sharing Buddytruk with Los Angeles, so it’s a great opportunity to spend some time in the sun, make lasting partnerships, and have fun with Buddytruk!

5. Get Involved With the Best Startup Ever

Los Angeles Brand Ambassador
The Buddytruk team hard at work!

The startup world is truly an exciting place, especially when we have a platform like Buddytruk that will change the way we move and haul our items. To say we have a lot of fun at work is an understatement, and we want nothing more than for you to join in. With opportunities for upward growth, career building, and opportunities to earn, our Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador program is a great way to get involved with Buddytruk.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to build your resume and become involved in your community, then the Buddytruk Los Angeles Brand Ambassador program is the perfect fit for you!

CJ Johnson

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