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Startup Spotlight: LawKick

LawKick takes the difficulty out of finding the right lawyer with an easy-to-use web app.

Whether your startup is in need of the right lawyer to craft your terms of service (yup, Buddytruk‘s been there!), or you’re looking for the right J.D. to fight your traffic ticket, we all know the hassle and the cost of finding the right lawyer can become overwhelming. This is where LawKick, a web platform that connects you with the right lawyer for the right cost, comes in.

After graduating from law school, LawKick Co-Founders Michael Chasin and Aaron George found that there was a unique combination of lawyers in need of work and a massive marketplace for folks in need of specific legal services. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to connect the two at the time.

With LawKick, Michael and Aaron have created an easy-to-use platform that allows the user to search for lawyers with specific skill sets, like confidentiality agreements, LLC contracts, trademarks, and more – plus they can see the cost right from the get-go. LawKick is a perfect marketplace for both users and lawyers – it brings clients straight to the lawyer and it allows users to find the perfect lawyer for their needs.

We had the chance to talk to Michael about LawKick, the startup life, and the importance of marketing.

Hi, Michael. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! As a startup, we know all too well what it’s like to need the right lawyer. Tell us about LawKick. What’s the “why” behind it?

Michael: LawKick is a marketplace for legal services. We have two sections of the marketplace – the first area is the open marketplace where a client can submit their legal need and receive price quotes from lawyers. The second area is called LawKick Deals which is essentially a Groupon-style marketplace for flat fee, discounted legal services. For instance, lawyers will incorporate your business for 60% off their normal rate.

LawKick exists to make legal services both more affordable and accessible to all. We see a lot of people turning to “do it yourself” solutions, which exposes them to a ton of liability, so we want to make it easier to find a lawyer you can afford.

LawKick - A platform to find the right lawyer
LawKick takes the difficulty out of finding the right attorney.

What motivated you to start LawKick?

Michael: My co-founder and I were both on the verge of graduating law school and saw a major problem in the industry – there were so many unemployed/under-employed lawyers but people were consistently using services like LegalZoom to get their legal needs taken care of. We thought to ourselves, “if there is such an oversupply of lawyers, why are they so unaffordable?” So in the process of trying to make legal services more affordable, we were also hoping to bring legal work back to the lawyers and away from inadequate softwares.

What has the development process for LawKick been?

Michael: We have been working on LawKick for about 2 years now. It took a long time to get our CTO and get the business off of the ground, but as more people find out about it, more people see the great tool it can be.

LawKick Co-Founders, Aaron George and Michael Chasin.

What’s the best part of creating a startup? What’s the worst?

Michael: The best part about building a startup is the artistic freedom. The ability to really think through problems from start to finish instead of just piece-meal like you do at most jobs. It is also great to hire your first employees and create a future for them. The worst part comes in tandem with the best part. All of the responsibility and stress of managing people and having their lives in your hands; if you screw up, you don’t just screw yourself, you screw other people over. It can be extremely stressful to build a startup because you have no one to blame for your problems besides yourself.

Where do you see LawKick in 2 years? 5 years? 10?

Michael: In 2 years, we hope to be thought of as “the gateway for finding a lawyer online.” Who knows where we will be long term, but we hope to be a great tool not just for clients, but for lawyers as well. We want to make the entire process from hiring a lawyer to managing the work to paying the lawyer a lot more easy and efficient than it is right now.

What advice would you give to an upcoming entrepreneur?

Michael: Do as much research of the market as you can before you develop your product. Also, go with the “lean startup” approach and build the most basic product you can at first, because it is extremely unlikely you will find the perfect product-market fit at first. Build, learn from your users, build again, and continue that process until the end of time.

Also understand that building a startup is not just about having an amazing product. If people don’t know about it, you will not be successful. Come up with a game plan for how you will roll out your product or service and learn as much about marketing as possible.

For more information on LawKick, check them out at, on Facebook, and on Twitter and Instagram @LawKick.

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