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How to Ask a Buddy for help, from the Advice Experts on The Textpert App

“Hey soooo are you doing anything Saturday afternoon?”

If you have a friend moving apartments or getting furniture delivered, then those words will send a shiver up your spine. Oh how you become everyone’s best bud when you’re the “buddy with the truck!”

There are few events in life more despised than a move. Whether it’s a full-blown move or lugging a new couch, people reserve a special disdain for the grunt work related to moving and handling deliveries. It’s a hassle, but also natural to want to ask for help from a friend. However, that request isn’t easy and can elicit anxiety.

Thankfully we see all kinds of questions about life issues on the Textpert app…and this happens to be one of them.


We’ve seen some pretty good nuggets of advice on our app so we put together a list for our buddies over at Buddytruk. Here are five tips for asking a buddy for help:


  1. People pay attention when you help them. Even though nobody’s keeping track we all have a subconscious tally of the friends that have done us a solid…or conversely the tally of the friends who are ALWAYS mooching. Be the former, not the latter. Then when it comes time for you to ask for help you’ll have some goodwill banked and they’ll scratch your back since you already scratched theirs.
  2. Give ample heads-up. Don’t blindside someone the day before, or even worse, the day of, just because you’re with them and see them lazily watching TV. Respect their schedule and ask them 2-4 weeks in advance.
  3. Start with a compliment. Sometimes a little ego boost can go a long way. Butter up your buddy. “You’re effing awesome and I don’t know what I’d do without you…” or “You are one of my fave people on the planet…”
  4. Make it very clear you understand what a big favor this is. Maybe even over-sell it.  “Sooo I have a HUGE favor and I’ll owe you BIG time” or “I know what a pain in the ass this is and probably the last thing you’d want to do but….”
  5. Reward them now and later. If they’re helping you for an hour or many hours then take care of them. Promise them immediate rewards “I’m taking you to lunch afterwards (or out for a beer)” and future rewards like “…and next time you need a hand call me first”.


The actual ask is simple: “Is there ANY way you could help me (insert task) on (insert date)?”


Worst case, they say “no” then you go ask options 2 or 3…but if you utilize these tips you have a really good chance of having a buddy for the move.

As an added bonus you can have a fun hangout with your bff afterwards where you can bask in the glory of your successful move.


Ray Christian is the CEO of Textpert, an iPhone app for exchanging advice with anonymous friends. Download Textpert here or follow them on Instagram.  

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