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First Official Blog Post

The corporate ledger  - proof that buddyTruk is real!
The corporate ledger – proof that Buddytruk is real!

As city-dwellers and recent college graduates, we know how difficult it can be to move from apartment to apartment or bring home furniture that just doesn’t fit in a small car. Furthermore, we know that using traditional moving and hauling companies can be costly and stressful.

Which is exactly why we are developing Buddytruk – an app that connects you with someone in your community who has the perfect car for your needs so that you can move when and where you want.

With the app in development and the lease for the office signed, we’ve assembled the perfect team to craft the perfect Social Hauling app for you. On behalf of the Buddytruk team (Brian, Russell, Chrisy, and myself, Adam) it is our goal to make local hauling a convenient, simple, and communal experience.

We still have some work to due before Buddytruk comes to a city near you, but, stay tuned, because Buddytruk is going to become the Truk you never had.

P.S. We have the corporate ledger! This makes us even more real than the promotional pens!!!


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  1. Pardon my parading my ignorance, but I think I’m not getting this right. Am I to understand that if I need help moving, that I can get on to see if anybody around me loans their truck to me? This just can’t be. Please call me, because I want to understand what ya’ll are doing here. It sounds wonderful and very original, but I don’t understand why somebody would risk lending their car to a complete stranger.
    As a Christian, I’m all about helping others out w the truck that God allowed me to have, and I have. BUT!! I drive.
    Then the other part I don’t get is… my truck liner has been ripped and my paint has been scratched, by the people I was helping. These are people I know, and I was happy to do it AND it’s just paint. But I hardly think everybody would react this way if their truck got scratched. So again, I just can’t understand how this works. I MUST be “not getting it”. Can you call me, please? 707.428.6243. Any hours are ok. Thanks, Evelyn

    1. Hi, Evelyn! My name is Adam, from buddyTruk, and I totally understand your concerns. I can definitely help answer your questions.

      With buddyTruk, you aren’t renting a vehicle from someone else, but are instead getting connected with a background checked driver in your community and his or her vehicle to help you accomplish your hauling needs. The driver you use will then use their vehicle to help you haul your item to your requested location.

      I totally understand your concern about someone scratching a vehicle as well, but the driver will be in charge of moving the item into his or her vehicle, and taking the item out as well. We know that nobody wants to scratch a vehicle in the process, but with the driver in charge of moving the item in and out of the car, this shouldn’t be a problem.

      Hope this helps and if you have any questions you can always email us at!

  2. Any plans for Oklahoma? :-)
    Also, I downloaded the App and I’m considering going through the driver “hire” process. Will you even look at it since I’m not in your location?

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