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The Everest App, Mapping Your Journey To The Top

Everest App
Want to travel the world? Want to climb Mt. Fuji? The Everest app turns your dreams into trackable and manageable journeys.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all experience this crazy, bizarre, strange journey called “life.” But what if we could map those journeys and milestones, share them with the world, and help others pursue their own dreams? Whether your goals in life are to learn how to juggle, have the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1980, open an organic juice shop, or start a platform for on-demand moving, hauling, and delivery services, we all have the basic human need to strive for something that subjectively matters.

This is where the Everest app comes in. Featured on the App Store for iPhone, the Everest app maps a user’s dreams and journeys with an interface that blows Instagram and Facebook out of the water. Not that the aforementioned platforms aren’t useful or pretty, but the Everest app allows users to chart an individual Journey with picture updates, avoiding the clutter of Facebook and the erraticism of Instagram. If a user doesn’t want to share their Journey, they can keep their story private, or take it public if they want to get feedback on their Journey from the Everest app community.

Whereas Instagram displays an amalgamous mish-mosh of a user’s photos, the Everest app organizes a user’s photos inside of a Journey. Each individual update inside of a particular Journey would be considered a Moment, thus creating a seamless photo gallery that intuitively tracks a Journey, like a weight-loss goal or an adventure to an exotic locale or even a movie watching binge.

“Instead of posting one-off photos on Instagram and Facebook, Everest lets you post Moments inside of Journeys,” said Francis Pedraza, CEO of Everest. “This allows you to tell a story about your life. To see context, development, and progress over time.”

Everest app
Share your journeys through life with the Everest app.

The Everest app, described as being “built by a small yet passionate team [out of San Francisco] on a mission to tell the larger story behind the moments we share,” is making waves and pivoting in an industry that seemed to be all but swallowed up by the bigger social-sharing fish.

“It has changed the way I see my life,” said Pedraza. “It’s a powerful lens or mirror for personal development. But unlike other tools, it helps me live in the present, instead of distracting me with planning and tracking.”

With backing from investor and visionary Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal, the Everest app has seen it’s interface transition from an app built in 2013 that helped people accomplish personal feats, like running two miles a day, to the journey and milestone-spanning app it is today.

Thiel isn’t just the only big-fish backing Everest. With investors like Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio, Behance CEO Scott Belsky, and TED talk star and marketing guru Simon Sinek as an advisor, the Everest app is certainly being produced by some of the best minds in the industry, and Pedraza knows that the advice he’s getting applies to many startups.

“My advice is to get advice. Lots of it. Filter it. Contemplate it. Disagree with it. Wrestle with it. But get it.”

Everest App
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With this current investment team, Everest has raised over $1.2 million. Although his startup now beyond the seed round of funding, Pedraza has set his sights for Everest well into the future, with a product roadmap to keep the Everest app productive and fresh.

“We’re hoping that the community scales to millions of people active monthly. We’ve got an exciting roadmap to improve the experience and add new features.”

Everest’s current model, with its sleek interface, strong user community , and a tight team with Pedraza at the helm, isn’t just designed to be a simple photo sharing app. Everest is a productivity app that can help literally anyone with any goal. Even for a startup, like Buddytruk, we use the Everest app as a social media tool to share our progress, or even an internal productivity tool if we utilize the Everest app’s private settings. Regardless, the Everest app is a multi-tool built for the next generation of social media consumers.

For more information on the Everest app, head over to the Everest website or download the Everest app from the App Store.

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