Moving Out Of Dorms? Buddytruk’s Dorm Packing List

dorm packing list
You’ve just survived your first year of college. Congratulations! Now follow our dorm packing list to simplify your move out.

Congratulations! You just survived your first year in the dorms! …Or maybe your second or third or seventh if you’re the Van Wilder type. Now comes the part you’ve been putting off since you skipped your first Humanities 101 class of the semester – your dorm packing list!

You’ve probably accumulated a healthy dose of college t-shirts, torn-up jeans, and trinkets you thought would be worth saving for your kids but don’t even have a place in a garage sale. With Buddytruk’s dorm packing list, we’ll turn your colossus of clutter into a simple, stress-free move out.

Dorm Packing List Step 1: Don’t Get Emotional.

dorm packing list Buddytruk
Moving can take an emotional toll on you- but stay strong!

I know, I know – your lucky college basketball t-shirt that you wore three weeks in a row while your team went on a seven-game win streak might hold a lot of emotional value to you… but it smells rancid. You don’t need it.

The very first part of your dorm packing list should be to emotionally separate yourself from the situation. We’ve all been there, and we know it’s tough, but what you might think is an heirloom that you’ll pass on to your great grandson Bobby might just be trash.

Dorm Packing List Step 2: Get Organized.

dorm packing list buddytruk
Getting your dorm in order is the fastest way to organize your move out.

If, like most college freshman, you’re living in a tiny dorm room packed with five other future doctors, accountants, and gym teachers, this is going to be by far the hardest part of your move out.

You might be living in what is roughly the square footage of a port-a-potty, but you’d be surprised at how much stuff you’ve accumulated. Using your bed as your command center, sort all of your clothes into three piles: clothes to take home, clothes to donate, and clothes better suited for the dumpster (yes, that Halloween costume.)

Dorm Packing List Step 3: Check Under Everything. EVERYTHING.

dorm packing list
If you’re lucky, this is all you’ll find under your bed.

Okay, now’s the part where we turn that cubicle you call “home” inside out. You might not have much space to breathe in there, but I’m sure you’ve packed every crevice and corner with your stuff.

The next step on your dorm packing list is to grab a flashlight, some gloves, and possibly a gas mask, and check under everything for your stuff. You’re more likely to find old fingernail clippings and dirty socks, but there’s always a chance you find something that you’ll need. Like Scantrons. Everyone needs Scantrons.

Dorm Packing List Step 4: Clean Up – Don’t Forget About Your Security Deposit.

dorm packing list
This could be your very angry landlord after inspecting your dorm. Yeah, let’s not let that happen.

This is the one you’ll look forward to least, mostly because of whatever mold-creature is now growing under your bed. However, with a few thousand gallons of Windex and several hundred rolls of paper towel, you’ll be saving yourself your costly security deposit. This means checking under the bed, behind the cabinets, under the bed again, and taking a hazmat team to your bathroom (if you’re one of the lucky ones to actually have your own).

This might be a harder task than your chemistry final, but spending the time to clean your dorm room can save you and your parents hundreds of dollars.

Dorm Packing List Step 5: Plan Your Escape Route.

dorm packing list
Don’t overspend or stress yourself out over your next move – use Buddytruk.

Now that you’ve condensed all of your worldly possessions, it’s time to say goodbye to your hall-mates and skedaddle back home for the summer.

“How do I do that,” you ask? Well, you have a few options: you could bug your parents or friends, rent a clunky and expensive U-Haul, or you could Buddytruk it. Our platform is on-demand, cost-effective, insured, and stress-free. Plus, you can plan your move or haul right from your smartphone and have a driver from your community move your stuff for you.

Now, it’s time to enjoy your summer, have a bit of fun, and do it all over again.

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