Christmas Tree Delivery

Get Free Christmas Tree Delivery With Buddytruk

Gone are the days of trashing your car with pine thistles and bristly branches attempting to stuff that beautiful new Christmas tree through the trunk. Say goodbye to crushed Christmas trees and a broken holiday spirit and hello to free Christmas tree delivery with Buddytruk!

Yup! You heard right. Buddytruk is teaming up with the amazing team at Whole Foods to help deliver your Christmas trees for free if you purchase from Whole Foods locations on 5th and Wilshire in Santa Monica and the Venice location.

But don’t fret! If you don’t pick up your Christmas tree from those locations we’d be happy to delivery it for free if you share your Buddytruk Christmas tree move on social media, mention @Buddytruk, and use the #BuddytrukXMas hashtag.

Christmas Tree Delivery
Don’t ruin your car getting your Christmas tree home.  Save yourself the hassle and let Buddytruk handle your Christmas tree delivery… for free.

If you’re getting your tree picked up from the qualifying Whole Foods locations or are sharing the move on social media, here’s how it works: make your request on the free iPhone app, connect with a driver, get your Christmas tree delivered, and don’t you dare confirm the payment – leave that to us. With the holiday spirit in mind, we’ve got you covered.

What’s also awesome is that Whole Foods is even planting a tree for each one that they sell with the Arbor Day Foundation. So, not only will you be getting free Christmas tree delivery, but you’ll also be helping save the world. Which is also pretty cool.

Christmas tree delivery
Who doesn’t love toy drives? Buddytruk will be teaming up with Whole Foods to do their part in spreading the holiday spirit.

But the holiday fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also teaming up with the Whole Foods on 5th and Wilshire to help deliver toys and goodies to children in Santa Monica. If you have any toys you’d like to donate, bring ’em on down to Whole Foods and we’ll help find your toys a new home for a local Santa Monican.

To find out more about how you can get your Christmas tree delivered for free with Buddytruk, check out this link!

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