Chief Executive Buddy, Brian Foley accepts the 2015 Startup Award

The Buddytruk Weekly Top 8

Hello everyone! We know we’ve been away for a while but… DON’T PANIC. It’s only because the Buddytruk team has been growing and so has our community. One of the major goals of our Buddytruk Blog isn’t just to provide you with Buddytruk news updates. We also want to provide you with useful tips and information that we think can help you achieve success! So, let’s catch you up on all the fun things going on in the world of Buddytruk. We’ll be doing a Buddytruk Weekly Top 8 roundup every Friday (this is going up today because we couldn’t wait to share all of the cool news that’s been happening). The Buddytruk Blog will also have more blog posts that cater to some of your suggestions and questions you submit to us. We’ll even have some special guest industry experts and executives from Buddytruk to share awesome content with you as well. So let’s get started, shall we?!

1. Buddytruk Wins 2015 Startup Award!

Yes! Buddytruk would like to proudly announce that we are the recipient of the 2015 Tech Startup Award from the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud to strengthen our bond with the Los Angeles community. Special Thanks to everyone who nominated us! We’re so excited to keep helping out our fellow Angelenos with our mobile app and inspire other entrepreneurs! This also came on the heels of Buddytruk passing our $570k seed round and adding Chairman and Chief Strategy Buddy, Zack Schuler! What an awesome way to start the new year!

Chief Executive Buddy, Brian Foley accepts the 2015 Startup Award
Chief Executive Buddy, Brian Foley accepts the 2015 Startup Award on behalf of #TeamBuddytruk

2. Chief Technical Buddy, Ryan Salmons was chosen as one of the 43 Experts to share their outlook of ridesharing in 2015.

Ryan joined leading industry experts in the ridesharing community for the popular “Rideshare Guy” blog to let you know what you’re going to be seeing more of in 2015! Awesome stuff, Ryan!

Buddytruk's Ryan Salmons is one of  43 Experts who talk ridesharing in 2015
Buddytruk’s Ryan Salmons was chosen as one of the 43 Industry Experts To Reveal Their Outlook For Rideshare in 2015.

3. Forbes says Buddytruk could be the next Uber!

Whaaaattttt? No seriously. Buddytruk was listed as one of the top 5 mobile applications that are on the road to success! How awesome is that? Check it out!

4. The Future of Content Marketing from our very own, Chief Marketing Buddy, Tim Kolenut!

Chief Marketing Buddy, Tim Kolenut shares his thoughts on the future of content marketing with other guest industry experts. This is a must read that you’ll love!

5. Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley shares entrepreneurial tips on Entrepreneur.

Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley contributed to Entrepreneur with a guest article that provides readers with 5 tips to make sure your startup is valued correctly to entice investors.

6. Buddytruk sponsors “Hack Hollywood” event at General Assembly.

#TeamBuddytruk tore it up at General Assembly last week when our creative and marketing executives, Tim KolenutCJ Johnson, and Summer Brighton joined a panel of popular creatives in the film and entertainment industry. The event was awesome! Such a great turnout, truly. The panel discussed the future of the tech landscape with entertainment, tips, advice. We will have a video coming soon!

Buddytrunk sponsors Hack Hollywood event at General Assembly
Hack Hollywood Panelists (from left to right): Summer Brighton, Gaby Dunn, CJ Johnson, Whitney Milam, Tim Kolenut, and Nicole Behnam

7. More Buddytruk Videos Are Coming!

Buddytruk is happy to present brand new videos to you that are currently streaming online! We have such a fantastic creative team that will be sharing more videos with you in the future. You can check out our first three videos below:

8. Brian Foley joins Digital LA “On-Demand Panel and Startup Showcase” event.

Buddytruk CEO + Founder, Brian Foley joins the executive panel, “On-Demand Panel and Startup Showcase” presented by Digital LA. This panel features some of the best ways tech companies are helping you get what you want! The event will be held at General Assembly on Monday, February 9th, 2015. Get your tickets now.
Buddytruk joins Digital LA event at General Assembly

We’d love to hear from you! Want us to share a specific tip with you? Interested in learning about something specifically about Buddytruk? Leave a comment. Ask a question. We want to hear from you!

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