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The Buddytruk Weekly Top 8 – 2.8-2.13

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new installment of the “Buddytruk Weekly Top 8″! In this week’s roundup we’ll be talking Buddytruk news and sharing some fun articles that feature some of our team members. Let’s begin…

1. Have a Happy Buddytruk Valentine’s Day Weekend!

We just wanted to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day weekend from #TeamBuddytruk! If you’re still chasing down the perfect gift and need it delivered fast for this oncoming holiday weekend, just let us know! One of the best things about Buddytruk is that we get you moved or deliver your items quickly. With UPS, Fedex, and others being swamped with Valentine orders, it would just be easier to give your ‘ol buddy with a truck a ring. For those of you who don’t have a particular Valentine for the holiday, we just want you to know you’ll always have a Valentine buddy at Buddytruk. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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2. #TEAMBUDDYTRUK talks with L.A. Tech Digest, “We want to bring back that community spirit to each city and town by lending a helping hand whenever possible.”

Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley and Creative + Marketing Buddy, CJ Johnson spoke with Scott Perry of the L.A. Tech Digest to talk about the hot streak Buddytruk is on and what’s coming in the future.

3. Have a free lunch with your favorite C.E.B.

Buddytruk Founder and Chief Executive Buddy, Brian Foley will be speaking at the ROC Center in Santa Monica, California on Friday, February 27, 2015 (12-2 PM). This event is for “Free Lunch Friday” where you get to have a free lunch and beverages while you learn entrepreneurial tips from awesome speakers. We’d love to see you there! Find out more details and sign up to the event here.

Buddytruk Founder Brian Foley smiles

4. Buddytruk talks investors and startups with The New York Times.

Buddytruk Founder, Brian Foley & Chairman, Zack Schuler talk about the growing appetite for investments in startups in the The New York Times​. So awesome!

5. Buddytruk joins Digital L.A. “On Demand CEO Showcase” 

The popular Silicon Beach platform, Digital L.A. asked the movers and shakers that are tearing it up right now in the app game to speak at the “On Demand CEO Showcase & Panel” this week. Brian was invited to speak on the panel and talk Buddytruk. It was a huge turnout! One of the bigger turnouts we have seen at General Assembly. Not to mention how much fun it was just to hang out with some other awesome on demand apps. BTW, one of our Buddytruk team members rocked a very cool Buddytruk shirt. You have to see it in our Facebook. But, I digress… special shoutout to everyone who joined us on the panel: ZingyPetWashioCurbstandHandstandLUXEMahmee, and Soothe!Special Thanks to Kevin and Digital LA for having us! Check out our photo scrapbook from the event on Facebook.

buddytruk-silicon beach-los angeles-brian foley

6. New Buddytruk video takes you “On The Move”!

We have a brand spanking new video for you, currently streaming on YouTube! “On The Move” starring one our favorite Buddytruk Users, Chelsea Briche and Andre Boyer as our “Awesome Buddytruk Driver”. Want to go behind the scenes and find out more about the team behind this fun video? Go here.

buddytruk-On The Move-andre boyer-chelsea briche-cj johnson

7. Buddytruk wants to spotlight YOU next.

In a blog post earlier this week, we talked a little about how we shinned a spotlight on some popular Social Influencers in Los Angeles that use Buddytruk. Now, we want to you to be next! All you have to do is send us a photo of yourself using Buddytruk with the hashtag #teambuddytruk and submit with a 2-3 line bio with your social handle to support@buddytruk.com and we’ll include you in our blog and social media! We’d love to hear from you!

Whitney Milam_Buddytruk User Campaign_CJ Johnson

8. Get ready for March Madness with Buddytruk!

Last year, Buddytruk went all out for March Madness. That was before our app was even live. Now, Buddytruk is available in the app store. So, we’re preparing you now… get ready for a March Madness takeover with Buddytruk!
buddytruk-march madness ncaa basketball college

See you next week? Same Buddytruk time. Same Buddytruk hour. Want us to share a specific tip with you? Interested in learning about something in the world of Buddytruk? Leave a comment. Ask a question. We want to hear from you!

CJ Johnson

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