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Buddytruk & The Traveling Umbrella

One of the primary goals at Buddytruk is to continue our community outreach efforts which is why we were so excited to participate in the “The Umbrella That Traveled the World” photo project! Brought to us by popular Instagrammer, Jill Emmer. Emmer created the idea for the “Traveling Umbrella” in an effort to raise awareness for charity and connect communities in a creative way.

The project is best described in Emmer’s own words:

I started it after a few Instagram friends asked where they could buy one like mine. So I mailed it to them! It travels to photographers all over the world. They keep it a week, snap a few photos with it and pass it on. Each person who receives the umbrella is responsible to get it to the next person on the list.

I have a large list of people all over the world waiting for their turn. This project is a fun way to physically link virtual friends who all share a love of art and photography. It makes me so happy to see a friend on the other side of the world holding up my umbrella! I might not be able to visit all of these people but my umbrella can!  It is also inspiring to see how other photographers use the same “prop.” Our collection of umbrella photos is grouped together under a unique hashtag in Instagram. What started out as one umbrella has now grown into many umbrellas all over the world! There is one in Minnesota, NYC, LA, Australia, Roma, London and Malaysia.

I captured some members of the Buddytruk core team at our office in Santa Monica. Featured are Buddytruk Co-Founder, Tim Kolenut, Buddytruk City Manager, Billy Bradley, and our awesome CEO+Founder of Buddytruk, Brian Foley.

For more details on the Traveling Umbrella, visit Shine On Photos. Photos by CJ Johnson.

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