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Buddytruk Now Available in Los Angeles

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Woohoo! Buddytruk is now available to download for iPhone!

It was only a short time ago that Buddytruk Co-Founder and CEO Brian Foley needed to move into his new place. He did what most of us would do: rented a U-Haul, packed all of his things away, made his way to his new place… and backed the truck into his new roommate’s car. After a year of hard work and many caffeine-fueled nights, Buddytruk is making its debut on the App Store for iPhone, ensuring that nobody will ever experience the struggles of moving or hauling again.

With a team of reliable Buddytruk drivers and a seamless app for on-demand moving, hauling, delivery, and courier needs, the Buddytruk team can now make Social Hauling a reality. Just a tap of a button and Buddytruk connects you with a local, background checked driver to help you move your items.

“We’re so excited to bring Social Hauling to Los Angeles,” said Foley. “We all know how difficult it can be to move items when you don’t have a big vehicle or you just don’t have the time. Now, moving is as easy as tapping a couple buttons on your iPhone, and voilà, a Buddytruk driver will meet you at your pick up location to help you move your things! It’s really that easy.”

No more having to bug your friends, rent a cumbersome box truck, or hire an expensive moving service. Just an easy, safe, and seamless platform to help you move your items.

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Launching in Los Angeles, Buddytruk connects you with a local driver to help with all your moving, hauling, delivery, and courier needs.

Whether you’re a college student and need help moving into your new apartment, own a business with delivery needs, or just need assistance getting that new mattress into your home, Buddytruk is there for you.

“Buddytruk is truly the first of its kind,” said Buddytruk Co-Founder and COO Russell Tuchman. “We’ve created the first platform in the world to offer an on-demand experience for anyone’s moving or hauling needs. Plus, all of our drivers are background checked, DMV checked, and go through a vehicle inspection. Your safety is our priority.”

Today, Buddytruk is available in Los Angeles – but Foley, Tuchman, CTO Ryan Salmons, and the rest of the Buddytruk team plan on bringing Buddytruk and the Social Hauling movement to every city in the United States.

“We’re extremely excited for our launch in Los Angeles,” said Salmons. “And we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the country, too.”

Buddytruk is available for download on the App Store. For more information on Buddytruk, visit the website, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Buddytruk.

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