Buddytruk FAQ

Buddytruk FAQ: Top 5 Questions About Using Buddytruk

Buddytruk FAQ

Buddytruk is new, it’s cool, it’s truly the world’s first Social Hauling app – and it takes all the stress out of your next move or haul.

Because it’s so new, the Buddytruk team is getting asked a lot of questions on how the service exactly works. Today, we’ll address all of your questions and concerns in our Buddytruk FAQ!

Buddytruk FAQ: What exactly does Buddytruk do?

Buddytruk FAQ
Connecting with your Buddytruk driver is as easy as a tap of a button.

Remember when you were moving apartments, trying to bring that new couch home, or lugging your mattress across town? Every single time, you had to bug that friend of yours with their truck to help you move. Unsurprisingly, your friend would’ve rather slept in that day… and you always felt bad depriving your friend of their beauty sleep.

Buddytruk makes sure you’ll never experience that again.

Buddytruk is your friend with a truck. Whenever you need help moving your items, our app connects you with a local, background checked driver to help move your items wherever they need to go. Just as important, your Buddytruk driver will also be that extra set of hands every moving experience requires.

When you connect with a Buddytruk driver, they help you load and unload your items and move them to your desired drop-off location in their vehicle for you. We do it with you, because moving is always better with a buddy!

It’s also important to know that we cannot move animals. Sorry, pooch!

Buddytruk FAQ: How much does Buddytruk cost?

Buddytruk cost
With our payment algorithm, based on time and distance, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Not only is Buddytruk a less stressful alternative to bugging your friends to help you move, but it’s far less expensive than renting a U-Haul too.

Rather than use outrageous flat rate fees, or an overly expensive minimum, we use a payment algorithm that is based on time and distance, ensuring you’re only paying for what you need. The cost per minute is only $1.00 a minute and $1.00 a mile. For a complete breakdown on pricing, head over to the website.

Rather than over-stressing and overspending on a U-Haul or expensive moving service, Buddytruk offers a far more economic alternative for local or cross-town moving.

Buddytruk FAQ: Can I schedule a move with Buddytruk?

On-Demand Buddytruk
Don’t worry about scheduling an appointment with Buddytruk – all of our drivers are on-demand.

The great thing about Buddytruk is that you don’t even have to worry about scheduling a move – our service is entirely on-demand. All of our drivers are available at the tap of the button, so there’s no stress involved in planning your next move or haul. You won’t even have to think twice about how you’ll get that new over-sized purchase home.

Once you make your request and are connected with a driver, you will have the option of calling the driver to let them know any details about the move, like where they should park or confirm when they will arrive at your pick up location.

Buddytruk FAQ: How many Buddytruk drivers will come to my location?

Buddytruk FAQ
Once you connected, your Buddytruk driver will take the stress out of your next move.

When you request a Buddytruk driver, you’ll get the assistance of one driver and their vehicle. Although we have many Buddytruk drivers on our team, only one can be requested at a time.

The best part about using Buddytruk is that our Buddytruk drivers do the move with you. The drivers will do as much as they possibly can by themselves, but if it’s large object or the item is being moved up stairs, they will probably need your assistance loading it into their vehicle.

Your Buddytruk driver may not have the same strength as Superman, but they certainly have the same will to make sure you conquer your next move with ease.

Buddytruk FAQ: How do I make a Buddytruk request?

Buddytruk FAQ
The only items you need to connect with a Buddytruk driver are your phone and your finger. Easy, right?

Ah, the most important Buddytruk FAQ of them all! Making a Buddytruk request is super easy. Hop onto the app, enter your pick up and drop-off locations, take a photo of the items you need moved, add an optional note, and press submit. Your request will go out to our drivers and you’ll receive a notification on your phone as soon as the driver accepts your request. Most pick up requests are answered within seconds!

This means you can make a Buddytruk request from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!

Buddytruk is currently available for iPhone and can be downloaded on the App Store for free. For more information on Buddytruk, check out our website, Facebook, and on Twitter and Instagram @Buddytruk.

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