Hey there, awesome reader. Welcome to another Buddytruk Buddy Spotlight. In this edition, we’ve reached out to our newest market, in Chicago, IL, to speak to one of our best buddys there, Suzi Lynch. Suzi stands out with a bright, “can-do” spirit, but her positivity is just one of the features that makes her a great Buddy to have. She has taken the most deliveries in her area and somehow still balances a  job, kids, and delivering for Buddytruk all in one. She is always the first one willing to help and never refuses a delivery that is too far or too cumbersome.



BUDDYTRUK: What is your favorite spot to hang out in your city?

SUZI: My bedroom, gym or garage.

BUDDYTRUK: How long have you been a Buddy?

SUZI: Less than a month.

BUDDYTRUK: What made you want to become a Buddytruk Buddy?

SUZI: I wanted a second job that I could do whenever I was free from my first one. :)

BUDDYTRUK: In addition to being a Buddytruk Buddy, what else do you do (favorite hobbies, career goals, interesting things about you)?

SUZI: I’m a mother of 2 boys, a sales rep for a contracting company, I work out 5 days a week and am a bass guitarist/singer/keyboardist in my garage and when my band decides to get together. Lol.

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BUDDYTRUK: Since you’re a Buddytruk Buddy you get the opportunity to help a lot of people move. Do you have any awesome moving tips you can share?

SUZI: I’ve personally moved houses/countries more times in my life than your average non-crazy person. Haha. My number one moving tip is … don’t get attached to things. :)

BUDDYTRUK: What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever lived and what made living there so interesting?

SUZI: I would have to say it’s a toss up between Indonesia, which is where I spent most of my childhood (7 to 21yrs old) and Brazil, which is where I’m from. Both are rich in culture and it is always interesting to submerge into a country and attempt to fit in, which is what I’m now doing here in the US actually since I’ve only been here since April. Lol.

BUDDYTRUK: What’s the funniest thing someone has had you move so far?

SUZI: A tiny recliner that could have easily fit in her SUV.

BUDDYTRUK: Where can people find you on social media (social handle)?

SUZI: I’m Suzi Lynch on Facebook.

Straight and to the point! If you’re using Buddytruk in Chicago, IL look out for Suzi. If you live in the Chicago area, have a truck or SUV, and you’re looking to become a Buddy, check out our Drive page. If you have any specific questions you would like us to ask our buddies, send them our way! We’ll make sure they get asked for the next spotlight! We would love to hear from you! :)


Brian Foley

Founder & Chief Executive Buddy. Once voted "Most Likely to Walk Outside Barefoot" Loves puppies, iced coffee, and surfing.

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  1. This would be great for the disabled like myself who travel with either spouse or care giver, Service Dog, Wheel Chair and all the necessary travel needs for all. I can no longer fit everything in my Mercury Marquise. I could really use some help getting from point A to Point B without loosing any more energy or independence.

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