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Buddytruk Driver Spotlight: Grand Thespian, Samuel

As our roster of Buddytruk Drivers grows, we continue to meet so many awesome people from all walks of life who decided to join #TeamBuddytruk. For a while now, we have wanted to showcase some of our drivers to you. We really wanted you to not just meet some of our interesting drivers on a consistent basis but also meet the fantastic people that are out there everyday helping you move and deliver your large items. It’s time for you to meet your buddy with a truck!

Every week there will be a new buddy spotlighted for you to see what type of people help make a difference out there. First off, we have Samuel! Samuel isn’t just one of our awesome Buddytruk Drivers but he’s also a rising star in Hollywood. Samuel has an infectious positive attitude we think you’ll love. It’s no wonder that he’s finding so much success.

Without further ado… here is Samuel!

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LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA.

BUDDYTRUK: What’s your favorite spot to hang out in Los Angeles?

SAMUEL: BIRDS on Franklin Avenue. Get their fried chicken on the weekend! They run out by 2 p.m. though… so get there early!

BUDDYTRUK: What made you want to become a Buddytruk Driver?

SAMUEL: I love jobs that keep you moving versus staying at a desk for 8 hours in the day. I get more done that way.  I stay active. The time flies and I get to meet some interesting people during the drives. Also, the flexible hours make it easy for me to schedule in auditions, plan out video shoots, and if I have a day that I can do a lot of drives… then I hit it hard.

buddytruk driver spotlight-samuel-cj johnson

BUDDYTRUK: In addition to being a Buddytruk Driver, you’re also a working actor. Tell us more about that? How did you get started? How is it going? Working on any new projects? 

SAMUEL: I started out in high school. Lots of improv and school plays. Then, in college at the university of Texas at Austin, I began doing student films and short films. That led to doing feature films in Austin. That got me connected in that whole community. Robert Rodriguez makes a lot of projects in that area and I was fortunate enough to get on a few of his shows (Machete Kills, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series). Then I graduated early from the university of Texas and moved to Los Angeles. I’ve been staying busy with UCB and the Groundlings improv and writing program. Talk about a school that pushes you man! Groundlings really helps me to develop my characters and pump up my improv skills.

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I perform a lot with my improv group, The HEBREW NATIONALS. It’s a bunch of guys and one girl. I have a blast with each show we do. I also have a film coming out in the next year called “Cabin Fever”. It’s Eli Roth’s remake of his original and it’s directed by the great Travis Z. It’s such a wild ride and I can’t wait for the fans of the original film to see it and hope to make some new fans for the new version. Gonna be punch-ya-in-the-face intense. Girls. Guns. Gore. And more gore.I also just signed on for a video game! Unfortunately I can’t say the name of the project BUT I can say it will come out in 2017! I haven’t been this excited for a role in a long time. I’m rather curious to perform through a different medium (that is performance capture for video games). Should be a ride and I’m ready to hop on!
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BUDDYTRUK: Since you’re a Buddytruk Driver you get the opportunity to help a lot of people move. Do you have any awesome moving tips you can share?

SAMUEL: I get to help a lot of people move and it’s interesting because people always think of moving… kind of as… a hassle. I’m so interested in seeing how relieved people are whenever I roll up in my truck to help them move. My tip is to just enjoy the process. Don’t look at it as a chore. Moving is kind of a symbol of you as a person moving on or passing something along to someone else. Or maybe it’s adding something to your home. It’s fun and memorable! Also… buy ratchet straps. They help. A lot.

BUDDYTRUK: What’s the funniest thing someone has had you move so far?

SAMUEL: I had to help this one guy that I swear was Xerxes’ cousin (from 300). He wanted me to be sure that his sewing machine wouldn’t be scratched. So I put it up front in my cab. He also had a lot of boutique dresses that were rather… pretty… I will say.

buddytruk driver spotlight-samuel-cj johnson

BUDDYTRUK: Where can people find you on social media (social handle)?

SAMUEL: Twitter and Instagram: @samyalldavis

buddytruk driver spotlight-samuel-cj johnson

Now that you have finally gotten a chance to meet Samuel, give him a shoutout when you can! Next week we’ll have another awesome driver for you to meet. Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave us comments, questions, and feedback! We would love to hear from you!

CJ Johnson

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