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Buddytruk Driver Spotlight: BMX Rider, Michael

Hello everyone and welcome to another Buddytruk Driver Spotlight! This week we would like to introduce you to Michael! Michael is one of our all-star drivers in Los Angeles, California. You may have seen him around in some of our previous posts. He’s the awesome dude who helped us deliver large stuffed animals to Totally Kids and he’s just been an incredible presence within our company. When he’s not driving for Buddytruk he’s tearing it up as a BMX rider, performing stunts that will melt your face off.

So, let’s meet Michael!


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA.

BUDDYTRUK: What’s your favorite spot to hang out in Los Angeles?

MICHAEL: Skate parks.

BUDDYTRUK: What made you want to become a Buddytruk Driver?

MICHAEL: I was on Facebook and in need of a job.

Buddytruk-Totally Kids-michael rodriguez

Buddytruk-Totally Kids-michael rodriguez

Buddytruk-Totally Kids-michael rodriguez

BUDDYTRUK: In addition to being a Buddytruk Driver, you’re also an expert BMX rider? Tell us more about when you got started, key achievements, and what’s next for you in that world?

MICHAEL: I got started riding when I was late 17 going on 18 and wanted to condition myself for motocross. But I just fell in love with BMX. I’ve been in competitions ever since. My first competition was at the Vans skate park in the block of Orange and I got Second Place. Right now I’m saving for a church so anything that comes my way with riding would be just for the church.

BUDDYTRUK: Since you’re a Buddytruk Driver you get the opportunity to help a lot of people move. Do you have any awesome moving tips you can share?

MICHAEL (responds with a tip for future Buddytruk Drivers): Yes!! Help more than you can people love that! Go above and beyond! Show them that you really are there to be their buddy!

michael rodriguez-buddytruk

BUDDYTRUK: Where can people find you on social media (social handle)?

MICHAEL: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Michael’s social handle is @mrodriguezbmx.

Buddytruk Driver-Michael

Now that you have finally gotten a chance to meet Michael, give him a shoutout when you can! Next week we’ll have another awesome driver for you to meet. Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave us comments, questions, and feedback! If you have any specific questions you would like us to ask our drivers, send them our way! We’ll make sure they get asked for the next spotlight! We would love to hear from you!

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