Team Buddytruk poses for a photo

Buddytruk Driver Appreciation Day

Last Saturday, Buddytruk celebrated our fine roster of Buddytruk drivers for Buddytruk Driver Appreciation Day! It was a beautiful day in sunny California when #TeamBuddytruk hit the sandy beaches of Santa Monica. We invited our drivers, family, and friends to celebrate with us. From delicious Jersey Mike’s sandwiches (seriously, who doesn’t like Jersey Mike’s? YUMMY.) to frisbee competitions to a good ‘ol fashioned game of catch. It was a lot of fun!

Without our trusty drivers, Buddytruk would be just an idea. It’s our Buddytruk Drivers that shift our company forward. If Buddytruk is “Your Buddy With A Truck” then we have to count on a great buddies that our customers can trust. With Buddytruk, we’re confident in the fact that we have the best drivers (and the nicest too) around. So, we wanted to thank our drivers for all of their hard work. As Buddytruk grows as a business, so does our company culture where every Buddytruk employee is respected, and recognized for all of their hard work. It’s impressive to see such an awesome squad of Buddytruk drivers dedicated to our cause and strengthening our ties to the community.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our awesome Buddytruk drivers, just visit us at and follow these two simple steps:

1) Go to Become a Driver.

2) Apply with your first/last name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Want to find out more about our Buddytruk driver requirements? Visit the “Driver Information” section on our FAQ page.

Check out our fun video of the event on YouTube:

Then there are also these cool photos below. See the full album of photos of our fun day at the beach in our photo scrapbook on Facebook.

Team Buddytruk poses for a photo










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