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Buddytruk delivers to Totally Kids

The Easter weekend was a special one for Buddytruk. During the holiday weekend, #TeamBuddytruk delivered stuffed animals to the Totally Kids children’s hospital. Totally Kids is a non-profit hospital center for disabled children located in Sun Valley, California. We wanted to do something special for the Easter holiday so, we joined forces with the mobile solar powered recording studio, Jam in the Van, and the luxury event company, Lucey Stepp to donate large stuffed animals to the children at Totally Kids. The Buddytruk gang even got a chance to hang out at Totally Kids and meet some of the hard-working staff and some really cool kids. Everyone at Buddytruk is so proud to be a part of this event and to help bring so much joy to the little ones.

Check out some photos from the event below. If you would like to find out more about Totally Kids and what you can do to help their cause, visit their website here.

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