Buddytruk Buddy Juan Guzman

Buddytruk Buddy Spotlight: Juan Guzman

We’re excited to start this year off with another wonderful Buddytruk Buddy Spotlight from Chicago: Juan Guzman. Chicago Buddytruk Community Manager, Erin, had nothing but wonderful things to say about him: “Juan is someone who goes above and beyond.  His catch phrase is ‘I can make it work,’ but that doesn’t mean he is willing to cut corners. He treats every delivery with a level care and a personal touch that truly embodies what it means to be a great Buddy. It has been a true pleasure to work with him!”



BUDDYTRUK: What is your favorite spot to hang out in your city?

JUAN: The city of Chicago has a lot of great places but i can surely say that hanging out at Navy Pier is one of my favorite places. People from all over the world go there when they visit Chicago.

BUDDYTRUK: How long have you been a Buddy?

JUAN: I have been a Buddy for about a month now.

BUDDYTRUK: What made you want to become a Buddy for Buddytruk?

JUAN: I do work for other apps and really like the concept of being your own boss but still have a support team to back you up when you need it. Just being the friend that everyone calls to when they need something moved or done makes me a buddy with a truck.

Buddytruk Buddy Juan Guzman

BUDDYTRUK: In addition to being a Buddy for Buddytruk, what else do you do (favorite hobbies, career goals, interesting things about you)?

JUAN: I own a small event production company here in Chicago and absolutely love doing it in my city. My company is in charge of providing stage, sound, lighting, tents, generators and everything needed to get any event rolling.

BUDDYTRUK: Since you’re a Buddy, you get the opportunity to help a lot of people move items. Do you have any awesome moving tips you can share?

JUAN: I’ve learned many things since i started doing this line of work but one very important thing i’ve learned is that the customer is going to want to try every way possible there is to try and get the job accomplished and you cannot argue with them and tell them that just by looking at the item is not going to be possible. You have to try! Customers will love you for trying your best and not giving up. . 👍🏻

BUDDYTRUK: What’s the funniest thing someone has had you move so far?

JUAN: I was working at the Randolph street market with my regional supervisor Erin and got to deliver a giant Elephant for this little girl that saw it at the market and just had to have it. It was an awesome experience because the little girl was so exited and her father was just happy buy it for her.  ☺️

BUDDYTRUK: Where can people find you on social media (social handle)?


If you’re in Chicago and you need a delivery, a tent, or a sound mix, Juan’s your guy. We’re proud he wears the Buddytruk colors. If you have any specific questions you would like us to ask our buddies, send them our way and we’ll make sure they get asked for the next spotlight.

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