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Buddytruk Austin: Driver Event

When Buddytruk first launched in Austin, Texas we documented a good chunk of our adventures and what it was like establishing our brand in a new city like Austin. One of our key goals was to create a solid roster of Buddytruk Drivers ready to rock and roll as soon as our app went live in Austin. So we had a special Buddytruk Driver event to get the ball rolling!

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When Buddytruk first launched in Los Angeles, we had a small turnout. Our app was brand new and to be frank no one knew what the hell Buddytruk was. With Austin, it was a different story. We had twice the turn out at our event (5x as many signed up to be drivers). The entire core team led the charge with putting our event together. During our time out there it kept raining on and off (the times we went out there it was constantly raining. Austin=Seattle?). The team scrambled to make sure our outside park event was going to be protected from the rain. However, we were in luck. By the time we launched our event it was nice outside. The event gave us the perfect chance to meet our brand new drivers.

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From a personal observation, I think the drivers really appreciated being able to shake hands and chat with our CEO, Brian Foley and our other team members. It’s something all entrepreneurs should do. Towards the tail end of the event we created a large circle where Brian and the team shared our excitement for bringing more job opportunities to Austin and opened the forum up for any questions. Then Brian announced something he had been privately planning. He asked all of the drivers to hop in their trucks. Place Buddytruk logo magents on their doors. Then head out, touring the city of Austin to let everyone know Buddytruk was in town! Every single person was thrilled about the secret game plan! We got in our trucks and cruised through the gorgeous city of Austin. What was the reaction like to a line of huge trucks with “Buddytruk” logos on the side of them? Amazing. Car honking. Smiles. Cheering. Puzzled looks and shouts of, “What’s Buddytruk?” All the while we were smiling and taking in the city. At the time we realized…

Buddytruk as officially arrived to Austin!

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If you’re interested in becoming one of our awesome Buddytruk drivers, just visit us at www.buddytruk.com/app. Download the app. Sign up to be our driver. That’s it!

CJ Johnson

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