Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-

Buddytruk ATX Launch Party

Last weekend was epic! Buddytruk rented out popular hot spot, The Bungalow on Rainey Street for the evening and Buddytruk threw one helluvah party for Austinites! Free drinks! Live music! Free swag! A whole lot of fun! It was a busy weekend for #TeamBuddytruk! One I’ll have to write a whole separate blog post about because it was nuts. Anyway, the team welcomed family, friends, and people of the local community. I know we go on and on about the community aspect of our company but, we really do love connecting with new people. One thing to note was that there was so many people at our event that were visiting Austin from other cities. Each person asking when were going to launch in their city. The party was also a great way to answer fantastic questions about what Buddytruk was, how it worked, are we insured, etc. Some of you that aren’t too familiar with our business practices might be wondering that too. We’re pretty straight forward and transparent about everything. So, if you do have any specific questions feel free to visit our FAQ section and/or shoot me a message, I’ll answer you in a blog post.

But, I digress. Throughout the night, people took advantage of our photo booth and our Buddytruk founders personally roamed through the party chatting with people. At one point, CEO/Founder of Buddytruk, Brian Foley hit the main stage with the team, and thanked everyone for coming out. It was a special moment for all of us to see the culmination of so much hard work and see so many people who support Buddytruk. We had a special live music performance by the Aaron Stephens Band who tore the roof of the place. Cassie Nichole took the stage afterwards with a riveting performance to close out our party. Check out all the fun we had in our photos below. We’ll have a video for you soon!

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7855

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7772

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7862

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7872

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7696

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7770

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7775

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7802

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7809

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7821

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Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7836

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Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7867

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Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7947

Buddytruk-ATX-Launch Party-7984

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I took the night off so, all of these amazing photos are from ATX photographer, Tim Solow. You can discover more of his work on his official website. Buddytruk would like to give a special shoutout to our family, friends, The Bungalow, Aaron Stephens Band, Cassie Nichole, and the city of Austin for being so wonderful to us. Thank you everyone!

CJ Johnson

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