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Buddytruk Ambassador Spotlight: Ray Ray

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How can I join the team?” and “How can I help promote you guys?” Two amazing questions that as a growing company we’re thrilled to answer. One way to help spread the good word about Buddytruk is to become a Buddytruk Ambassador. You may have heard the term “ambassador” used for various startups and it’s grown more popular with more companies. What does an ambassador do exactly? A Brand Ambassador is someone who helps spread a company message to their group of peers. At Buddytruk, we have such an awesome unit of ambassadors that I though it  would be a fantastic for you to meet one of our best ones. Her name is “Ray Ray” and she’s our Buddytruk Los Angeles Ambassador. She spreads the word about Buddytruk so loudly that she deserves a spotlight. So, let’s meet her!

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LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA.

BUDDYTRUK: What’s your favorite spot to hang out in Los Angeles?

RACHEL: Leo Carrillo Beach and The Last Book Store.

BUDDYTRUK: What made you want to become a Buddytruk Brand Ambassador? 

RACHELI was in a situation where I could have really used Buddytruk but didn’t know of its existence yet. Once I found out about Buddytruk, I realized it was something I wanted to get in on the ground floor and be a part of this awesome idea. It makes me so happy when I share Buddytruk with someone that can really use it!

BUDDYTRUK: In addition to being a Buddytruk Ambassador, what else do you do (favorite hobbies, career goals, interesting things about you)?  

RACHELMy favorite hobbies often involved my dog. I love to go hiking and to the beach with my husky, Icarus and my friends.  I am also a martial artist and parkourist. I practice both weekly. I’m also a huge reader and I tend to spend hours in a bookstore trying not to drop hundreds of dollars on books. 

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BUDDYTRUK: You’re an actress too! Tell us more about your acting career and how you got started. 

RACHELI’ve been doing theatre since I was a child in school and my local theatres. I got my theatre degree from the University of Central Florida and once I graduated I packed up my car and moved to Los Angeles. I did my first camera work in Orlando on a European Disney show called “Game On!” I loved working on set and decided L.A. was the place to start my film career. I’ve been working on commercials, music videos, and films since I got out here. My favorite commercials would have to be Norms Restaurants and Fuji Films. The film that was my absolute favorite to work on was “American Beach House“. I made some lifelong friends and had some amazing experiences. I really love when I get to use my martial arts on camera. I get to merge my two biggest passions and it truly is my favorite thing to do!

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BUDDYTRUK: What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

RACHELHummm, Fun Fact – I am the oldest of 6 sisters.  I may not come off as the big sister type, but I assume the role quite well when any of my sisters needs me.


BUDDYTRUK: Do you have any awesome moving tips you can share?

RACHELWrap your dishes is clothing or towels so you can save on bubble wrap.  Transport your drawers separate from your dresser that way you don’t have to pack up your clothing and the dresser is still light enough to transport.  Put a hole in the bottom of a large garbage can liner and then put it over groups of your clothing on hangers.  Then tie them around the bottom so they don’t get dirty and you don’t lose anything in the move.

BUDDYTRUKWhere can people find you on social media (social handle)?

RACHEL: Instagram: @rayray_day and IMDB

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If you’re interested in becoming a Buddytruk Brand Ambassador simply send us a message through our site. We’d love to hear from you! Special Thanks to all of the Buddytruk Ambassadors and Rachel for taking out her time to speak with us. She’s awesome! Now… leave us comments, questions, and feedback! If you have any specific questions you would like us to ask… send them our way!

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