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Buddytruk Team Undercover: Your Buddy With A Truck

The most massively, single-most asked question the Buddytruk team gets asked is: “Why, good sirs, did you give your blood, sweat, and tears creating an app for on-demand moving and hauling?” The answer is quite simple – moving sucks. Well… that and Buddytruk CEO Brian Foley isn’t too good at driving a U-Haul. It’s always been our goal to change the world for the better, even if it’s simply connecting you to a buddy with a truck to help you with your move.

So far, we’ve had great success with our launch in Los Angeles. We’re providing the on-demand, insured, and affordable buddy with a truck to help customers every single day. Furthermore, we’re bringing on more and more drivers every day and the team is gearing up for some awesome holiday promotions (stay tuned!).

With a 100% request acceptance rate in the last month, it’s safe to say our drivers have been doing an amazing job and have truly become that “buddy truck”… but it’s time the team got in on the Social Hauling fun.

Russell and Brian of the Buddytruk team went undercover to help Colby move his table.

With over a hundred Angelenos already moving their items with Buddytruk, Co-Founders Brian Foley and Russell Tuchman were feeling a little left out of the Social Hauling movement. But when Colby needed his glass table moved, Brian and Russell jumped from their desks, stepped out of their sneakers, and into the shoes of a Buddytruk driver to help Colby with his move.

It had been a while since we stepped away from doing the moves ourselves and started focusing on the big picture of Buddytruk, but helping Colby gave the team a fresh perspective on how far Buddytruk has come. What was started simply as a way of finding an easier alternative to U-Haul or a traditional, expensive moving service has become Buddytruk – a simple, fun, safe, and social way to move your items.

It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of a new business. It’s even more exciting to be a part of the sharing economy and peer-to-peer industry where we can see the community coming together to help one another for a common cause – and all with the touch of a button on your phone. Buddytruk has a long way to go until we’re bringing Social Hauling to every city, but, for now, it’s incredible to see up-close-and-personal the Social Hauling movement in action.

P.S. The second most commonly asked question? “Is it ‘Buddy Truck’ or ‘Buddytruk‘?” It’s Buddytruk!… Although I’m sure the guys at Buddy Truck are cool too.

CJ Johnson

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