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Weekly Roundup: Black Friday Made Easy With Buddytruk + Buddytruk In The News

Black Friday With Buddytruk

Picture this: you brave the lines of Black Friday at your favorite electronics store to score that brand new flat screen TV for a price you just couldn’t resist. Only problem – it doesn’t fit in your sedan and the store can’t deliver it until January. Harumph!

Fear not, Black Friday adventurer. Next time you want to get your items delivered on your schedule, just hop onto the Buddytruk app and connect with a local driver to help you get it home. Forget about the long delivery wait time or frantically calling all of your friends to see if they could help you bring it home. With Buddytruk, we’re here to help get your items home when you need it.

So this holiday season, make your life a little easier with Buddytruk… and oh yeah! Don’t forget to use the “BLACKFRIDAY10″ promo code for first time users to take $10 off your next transaction too!

And just a heads up, Buddytruk is going to be closed on Thanksgiving so that the team and our drivers are able to spend that time with their families, but fear not! Buddytruk will be back up and rolling on Black Friday to help you get your awesome goodies home.


Buddy Truck
Yes, we looked both ways before crossing. And, no, Tim Kolenut doesn’t normally go barefoot… except when we’re doing our Abbey Road impression.

Buddytruk In The News

It’s been a busy week for Buddytruk in the blog-o-sphere! Old friend Enrico Moses over at 7 Days Theory just posted an awesome interview with the Buddytruk team: “These 4 young guys are trying to solve one of the worlds worst problems, ‘Who with a truck is willing to help me move my stuff?'” Check it out!

Also, Lauren Julia, proprietor of everything at Creations LA just wrote an awesome feature on Buddytruk: “Some people believe that ‘tech’ projects are more scientific than creative. Creations LA doesn’t believe that’s the case, as an algorithm is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. If you need any convincing, take a look at Buddytruk, the creative spin on a community-based, peer-to-peer driver app that’s going to change the way we move and haul bulky items in Los Angeles.”

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates, including our awesome upcoming Christmas tree promotion! Oh, yeah – Happy Thanksgiving!

CJ Johnson

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