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I’ll state the obvious: there are a lot of blogs out there. Sports blogs, video game blogs, lifestyle blogs – a lot of great blogs that have a lot of great things to say… but usually something we’ve already seen. On Monday, we got a breath of fresh air. The Buddytruk team met up with Enrico Moses, Creator and Owner of 7 Days Theory, a blog that was “created to inspire our audience to: ‘Live life with passion!’”

If you ever get a chance to spend some time with Enrico, you’d know he lives his life by the same credo.

7 Days Theory
The Buddytruk team met up with Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory to discuss the inspirations behind Buddytruk and the Social Hauling movement.

Meeting with Enrico, an Angeleno living in Venice, and discussing the inspirations behind Buddytruk (U-Haul problems, anyone?) reminded us of the whole reason we started Buddytruk in the first place – we love our community and we love the people that call it home.

Los Angeles is full of inventive, unique, and passionate people, and 7 Days Theory is able to tap into this mindset with posts touching on the origins of LA-based Linus Bike Company, a guide to finding inner peace, and Caleb Truax’s how-to for becoming a professional boxer. It’s this same creative, community-driven vibe that drives the team behind Buddytruk: help our city with an out-of-the-box approach to one of life’s biggest pains – moving and hauling.

Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory
Enrico Moses: bringing style and zen to the blogosphere.

Looking at the big picture, the Buddytruk team is extremely fortunate to be involved in the sharing-economy, which has led us to meet folks like Enrico and learn more about 7 Days Theory – now we just can’t wait to come to your city and meet you.

To check out Enrico’s pieces on all things Los Angeles, social, zen, and highlighting “people around the globe who live inspiring and motivating lives,” head over to 7 Days Theory.

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