6 Things To Consider Before Garage/Yard Sale Shopping

The end of the summer can be an amazing time to check out garage/yard sales. At this time, many people are wrapping up vacation time and preparing for fall by organizing and cleaning out their homes. This can often be at the benefit of you when they decide to rid of their items through a garage sale! Although garage/yard sales seem like a super easy concept on their own, we have some tips on getting the most out of thrifting at yard/ garage sales:

  1. Consider your timing: If you’re looking for unique items, it’s better to arrive to a sale earlier than later. Never arrive before the posted beginning time to avoid a disorganized sale and an irritated seller. If you are looking for great deals, it can be better to arrive to a garage/yard sale later. Towards the end, sellers may be more likely to give items away for cheaper.
  2. Pick Your Area: Richer neighborhoods are likely to more valuable items. Creative neighborhoods are more likely to have artistic items. Use your best judgement based on what you are looking for (i.e. If you’re looking for baby stuff, don’t look at an estate sale in a retirement community). Some of this may seem like common sense, but if you don’t consider exactly where you’re going when you’re looking for specific types of items, you may miss out.
  3. Look online for advertised sales: Some people merely stop at sales they spot on signs. Driving around a neighborhood may lead you to a few yard sales, but to get the most out of your area, check for yard and garage sales advertised online first. Make sure to check Craigslist, Recycler, and even newspaper ads for sales close to you. These people are more likely to have a larger variety of items and to have better-organized sales.
  4. Pay Attention to the sale type: While garage sales and yard sales are the most common- and synonymous- those aren’t the only kinds of sales to look out for. Another great kind of sale is a moving sale. These types of sales often include much more valuable items, and sellers are often trying to make money to aid in their moving costs. This can also make it more likely that the seller will haggle with you in order to get rid of items. Another great type of sale is an estate sale. This type of sale features left over after a person’s death. These sales can feature a lifetime of treasures, including some more valuable items. Last but not least are tag sales. The name for this type of sale is derived from the East Coast. It is most like a garage sale, but typically features items a little more valuable. Look out for those alternative types of sales for the best items/ deals!
  5. Come prepared: If you’re planning on spending a significant time outside thrifting through yard sales and such, you’ll thank yourself for bringing sunscreen. Also, since you’ll be spending a significant amount of time sifting through strangers’ old items, you’ll want to bring some hand sanitizer as well. If you’re planning on thoroughly shopping, bringing reusable shopping bags will alleviate any trouble in case sellers are not prepared with any.
  6. Consider delivery: Just because you don’t have a truck or money to rent one, doesn’t mean you have to pass on that amazing dresser. Use Buddytruk for iOS or Android to get on-demand delivery of an item. This way, you won’t have to bother a friend, pay for an item you have to arrange to pick up later, or waste the money you saved by thrifting in order to rent a truck. Buddytruk is easy to use and takes the hassle out of buying large items.

We hope our tips help you find the best deals out there. Happy thrifting!

Brian Foley

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  1. I really liked the fifth tip you give to come prepared. You talk about how since you’re spending a significant time outside and shifting through lots of different things, you should bring sunscreen and hand sanitizer. I never would have thought about bringing these things to a yard sale, but I can see how they can help you feel more comfortable while you’re shopping. Thank you for sharing!

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