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5 Reasons You’ll Love the New Buddytruk Web App

Yes, it’s true. You’ve heard the rumors and we can confirm: now the Buddytruk app is available right from your desktop! If you’re at work checking emails, or at home scanning Craigslist for new and used furniture, you can simply open a new tab, go to www.buddytruk.com, and press “Make a Request” to get your ‘Buddy with a truck’, now or later.

Our iOS and Android mobile app are gems in their own right, but here are 5 reasons you’ll love the new Buddytruk Web App:

  1. You Can Schedule For Later. Our Buddytruk Mobile App is great when you’re on the go, or at the checkout counter of West Elm or Costco and need a pickup now. It’s simple: you download the app, make a request, and 30-60 minutes later your Buddy is there picking up your couch! But what if you don’t need Buddytruk until next week? What if you’re moving into a new storage unit but it doesn’t become available until the 1st? This is where the Web App is your best friend, as it allows you to schedule in advance for any one-hour pickup time, between 10 AM – 7 PM, 7 days a week.

    Don't want it now? No worries, we'll pickup your items whenever's convenient for you!
    Don’t want it now? No worries, we’ll pick up your items whenever’s convenient for you!
  2. Get a Quote. Ok, so you’ve heard all about how great the Buddytruk service is from your friend, but you’d like to get an idea of what you’re going to pay before you book? No problem. The Buddytruk Web App will give you a delivery quote as soon as you enter your Pickup and Dropoff information, this way you’ll know if Buddytruk is within your budget before booking your delivery or entering any payment information.

    Buddytruk charges $1 per minute and $1 per mile for delivery.
    Buddytruk charges $1 per minute and $1 per mile for delivery.
  3. View past orders and deliveries. Are you an interior designer using Buddytruk to deliver furniture to your clients and need invoices for past deliveries? Or maybe you’d just like to add a tip to your Buddy from last week but forgot his/her name? Either way, this feature is for you! Now on the Buddytruk Web App, you can view all your delivery history, including canceled requests. After logging in, simply go to “My Account” and then press the “View Past Deliveries” button near the bottom of your screen.

    See all your past deliveries!
    See all your past deliveries!
  4. Stores: See the status of your pickups, plus great analytics! If you’re a small business using Buddytruk for your store’s deliveries, then the Buddytruk Web App was made for you! Think of the Buddytruk Web App as the ultimate Last Mile Logistics tool for your business. Up until now, the Buddytruk “communication loop” provided constant updates on delivery statuses for the Buddy, your customer, and Buddytruk…but what about you?! Maybe you’d like to know the status of a pickup from your store, or who to expect for John Doe’s couch. The Buddytruk Web App gives you all this info and more! As a business, you can track the status of all current and past orders, see how many deliveries you’ve done to-date, your average delivery cost, and how much time and money your store is saving by using Buddytruk over the competitors! Now Amazon isn’t the only business that can do same-day shipping! :)
    See all your delivery analytics - including total deliveries, total savings, and pending deliveries!
    See all your delivery analytics – including total deliveries, total savings, and pending deliveries!


  5. Same features of the mobile app, more space on your phone. Ok, this Web App sounds great, but what about all the features I already know and love from the mobile app? Can I update payment or profile information? Can I add a tip or rate my Buddy? What about canceling my order and rescheduling for later? Answer: yes, totally, absolutely, and why, of course! There’s no question about it, the Buddytruk Mobile App is amazing, a van Gogh masterpiece of an app itself, and if you’re an interior designer, event planner, construction worker or a contractor and need to deliver large items all-the-time, then the mobile app is perfect for you! However, if you’re just a (not-so) plain Jane or an (incredibly above) average Joe who needs to use Buddytruk but only has so much storage space available on your phone, the Web App is for you. You get all the same features you would from your phone, the same level of communication, updates, and alerts about your delivery, and your phone gets to save that storage space for more selfies or videos of your puppy! (Side note – we have plenty of puppy videos to share if you’re in need)

With all this and more, it’s no wonder the Buddytruk Web App is such a hit! In its first few weeks of existence, it’s already helped over 1,000 people get help. Are you next? We hope so.

Brian Foley

Founder & Chief Executive Buddy. Once voted "Most Likely to Walk Outside Barefoot" Loves puppies, iced coffee, and surfing.