Enrico Moses of 7 Days Theory With the Buddytruk Team

Blog Watch – 7 Days Theory

I’ll state the obvious: there are a lot of blogs out there. Sports blogs, video game blogs, lifestyle blogs – a lot of great blogs that have a lot of great things to say… but usually something we’ve already seen. On Monday, we got a breath of fresh air. The Buddytruk team […]

TechOutLA-brian foley-buddytruk-cj johnson-adam jacobs

In the Press – TechOutLA

Silicon Valley, who? Last Thursday, the Buddytruk team had the opportunity to attend TechOutLA, a conference at Mack Sennett studios highlighting the best minds in the booming Los Angeles startup community, Silicon Beach. Safe to say, Silicon Valley has some serious competition from its neighbors down South.   Not only […]