law kick

Startup Spotlight: LawKick

Whether your startup is in need of the right lawyer to craft your terms of service (yup, Buddytruk‘s been there!), or you’re looking for the right J.D. to fight your traffic ticket, we all know the hassle and the cost of finding the right lawyer can become overwhelming. This is where LawKick, a web platform […]


Buddytruk Update: A Message From The CEO

Dear Buddytruk fans and future Social Haulers, At Buddytruk, we pride ourselves on being innovators and forward-thinkers. We don’t look at the world for what it is, but rather how it should be. We see a problem in the way we move our stuff – an unmet need that is […]

If there's one item to try at Tender Greens, it's the seared albacore plate.

The Best of Santa Monica: Tender Greens

It’s safe to say we’re extremely spoiled to be able to work on Buddytruk in Santa Monica – the weather is perfect, the beach is beautiful, it’s a great place to develop an app for on-demand moving and hauling, and there’s always something to see on 3rd Street (looking at you, […]