Because of drinks like the inimitable Spanish Latte, the buddyTruk team wants to recognize Urth Caffè as "The Best Coffee Spot in Los Angeles."

The Best Coffee on Urth

With the Buddytruk app currently in beta testing (and trust me when I say this, it’s well worth the wait), it’s safe to say we’ve been spending quite a few caffeine-fueled nights in and around the office in Santa Monica. In our quest to perfect the world’s first, and best, […]


Startup Spotlight: Grind 2 Shine

Starting  your own business and learning to play the game of basketball truly aren’t all that different. I know, it sounds crazy, but stick with me here. In both basketball and business: it’s imperative that you start with the basics, learn from the best mentor(s) you can find, and consistently […]

Brian and the buddyTruk team with Pepperdine Entrepreneur Club President Carla Romero and Faculty Advisor Ben Postlethwaite.

From the Pepperdine Entrepreneur Club to Buddytruk

It wasn’t all that long ago that Buddytruk CEO and Co-Founder Brian Foley was a wide-eyed business administration major roaming the lofty halls of Pepperdine University in beautiful Malibu, California. He spent much of his time surfing (still does), studying up on all the business books and blogs (definitely still does), […]